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Demonic Gophers (DG) was first drawn into the forums by the situation with the Evil Overlords United, but liked the chaos he saw in the area, and will certainly be sticking around.


Demonic Gopher Characters

Deep Warlord of the Tunnels and general Demonic Gopher leader. Zeek is a skilled fighter with sword and dagger, and a good shot with a handgun. Known abilities include limited size- and shape-shifting, immunity to fire and radiation, resistance to poison, weapons summoning, quick healing, and apparent immortality (not to be confused with invincibility or invulnerability). He may have additional magical talents, but if so, he seems reluctant to use them.

Chief Demonic Gopher stategist. He is currently stationed in Fort Mayhem, and is a member of the Strategic Planning Office. He controls a top of the line DG robo-suit, partly for the convenient communications gear and partly to lessen the danger of assasination attempts.

The Demonic Gopher Undermind. Also the Avatar of the reader, Demonic Gophers.

Demonic Gopher Space Forces

A massive DG dreadnought.

Another DG dreadnought.

Due to the discomfort and nervousness felt by the tunnel dwelling Demonic Gophers when above ground level, they prefer to build warships that let them take the comfort of the tunnels with them. These are enormously expensive and time consuming to build. Because of their rarity, they must be made very formidable indeed to be an effective naval force... and they are. Their small numbers (currently six exist) also make it possible to get reliable AI to control them without using forced loyalty programming.

Demonic Gopher Ground Forces

Soldiers, sappers, Very Small Tanks™, and DG robo-suits of several types are all available.

Super 'Hero' Characters

DG has brought several characters with super powers into the EGS forums. How exactly he contacted them, and why they are loyal to him, has not yet been revealed.

The first of these characters to arrive, Joseph is a detective, originally brought in with the hopes of finding and catching Agent Bunny. He's staying to help with the fighting, and the general counterespionage effort. He wears the standard detective's hat and trenchcoat, as well as a pair of heavily enhanced sunglasses.

A mysterious figure whose features are utterly concealed by a hooded black robe. It can be assumed that the Hooded Claw also possesses claws, of one sort or another. Regarded with considerable respect by the others, and, in the case of Kyar, with a definite touch of fear. The Hooded Claw speaks with a rough, hoarse voice, indicated by dark red writing.

Actually a mercenary hired by a currently unspecified employer to help against the EOU, Kyar is a powerful telekinetic and a deadly fighter. He has dark hair, worn in an intricate braid down his back, and a long scar down the right side of his face. He favors knives, but can and will fight with anything or nothing.

Typically seen wearing black armor with a lightning bolt symbol on the chest and an electric blue cape, Levin Bolt is a master of electricity. He can take on the form of electricity himself, and travel as a lightning bolt; he can also control it in ways both dramatic and subtle. He is also extremely fast moving, and possesses the power of flight.

A mysterious figure clad in garb of ebony, with a pale cloak, a mask of purest white, and bright red socks. He carries a rapier belted at his side. Remarks by some of the others suggest that he can travel very quickly when he chooses, but the only common knowledge is that he has an enormous flair for the dramatic, and is more dangerous than his name suggests.

A hulking, craggy, crimson-skinned near giant, Conflagration has great control over fire in all its forms. He is also even stronger than his massive form suggests, and, like Levin Bolt, can fly. He seems to have joined the group recently, and is not yet well known to the others.

DG has also mentioned a super-powered spy, but this individual has not yet been seen. Late to arrive, or just highly secretive? That has not yet been revealed.

Other Forces (Science Fiction)

Owner of Verakos Shielding Systems, the foremost manufacturer of shield generators in Kendari. He has come to help with improving the defenses of Fort Mayhem, and is unlikely to take part in the fighting directly - although as owner of a powerful corporation, he probably has access to both powerful weapons andd tough defenses of his own.

A high ranking executive of Interstellar Defense Upgrades, a company which specializes in modifying civilian vessels and structures for use in dangerous areas.

A Kendaryn noblewoman, and a high ranking member of KaosKorp. No employee of this mysterious corporation should be taken lightly, although she probably isn't a part of their Security Team.

A Kendaryn WX sentient robot. Devgryl is under the employment of the Kendaryn government, though his exact position is currently unknown. Technically a civilian model, he/it possesses extensive combat upgrades. Although sent to assist with the fort, Devgryl has also shown a willingness to take part in the fighting.

  • Other Kendaryn forces, both ships and soldiers, have been mentioned, although none have come into play at this time.

A being of unknown species, almost human in appearance, and a member of Varyd Dolzin. His exact role in that organization is not clear; he came to help with the improvement of the fort, so he clearly has some technical skills, but is also ready to fight, and quite casual about the prospect of battle. He has mentioned that his official title is Ship's Carpenter.

  • DG has mentioned that a small number of Varyd Dolzin ships are currently available, and are being kept in reserve for defensive purposes. These vessels are known to be extremely fast, especially when traveling great distances, and more dangerous than their size might suggest, but their exact capabilities are currently a mystery. Six of them were sent to help with the pursuit of Head Alien, and the ensuing rescue attempt. VD ground forces may or may not be present; at this time, none except Thälædøn have been seen.

Other Forces (Fantasy)

DG has mentioned several possible sources of fantasy reinforcements. Some of these have arrived at Fort Mayhem, though they have yet to be introduced.

Both Dar-Kavryn and Devar have contributed forces of one form or another, although what exactly ties them to the Demonic Gophers is not clear at this time.

The only daughter of the Degral King; a skilled warrior and an expert in the traditional degral magics.

Velsi's youngest brother, he specializes in hunting down creatures that laugh at ordinary weapons.

A degral warrior and metalworker who often serves under the command of Princess Velsi.

A degral warrior-mage, one of Velsi's soldiers.

A degral sorceror, one of Velsi's soldiers.

One of Velsi's soldiers. She is noted for using unusual weapons, and for her swift short-term planning.

  • Jaladan, Th.D. in general spell casting, University of Devar
  • Chok'gram, Th.D. in Wards, Sigils, and Temporary Enchantments, University of Devar
  • Katarys, Th.D. in Healing and Counterspells, University of Devar
  • Melgwyn, Th.D. in Transportation Magic, University of Devar
  • Zzat, Th.D. in Curses and Hexes, University of Devar

The Crimson Dagger Torendariar

Vetrek, Kyrie Sheker, Voldran Kim-Devan, and 12 others.

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