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A bunny residing in Main, despite her low ability to stay on-topic. She's expected to transition to Mayhem at some point, but hasn't yet because its post rate conflicts with the need she feels to read all posts in any forum she reads. She can most reliably be found in reaction threads, but is also often seen generating off-topic walls-of-text anywhere in Main.


Darekun The Poster

A female programmer living in San Diego, CA, USA.

  • She identifies most with Ellen out of the eight Harbingers.
  • She's on the autistic spectrum. While most autistics are Lawful, her Chaotic nature may be typical among TV-induced high-function autistics.
  • While she's Chaotic Neutral, she aspires to Chaotic Goodness.
  • She hates censorship; like many bunnies she treats the "from" bug as if it were censorship, but unlike many bunnies this means she thumbs her nose at the bug and uses "from" and "fromming" as expletives.
  • She's a dilettante of most of the hard sciences, and a few of the soft sciences, particularly linguistics.
  • She's an amateur author.
  • She has her own little webcomic, Softwired.
  • She often speaks in bulleted points.

Darekun The Character

A chaos beast, originally from one of the Quintessent Planes shared by a few homebrew d20 settings.

  • She's a natural shapeshifter. The closest she has to a natural form is a habit of returning to Tentacle Pentacle Of Chaos form.
  • Her status as female is primarily due to her player's gender; while male TFs have no obvious effect, she does lose access to Hammerspace as a male chaos beast. Presumably, other chaos beasts would have a chance of detecting her gender.
  • She can "unstick herself in reality", causing her to flicker randomly among universes, mostly universes she's been to before.
  • She was given a mile-long railgun in her newbie pack, and has since been seen toting it around, equipped via a Munchkin Cheat card. When she got it she laid plans for an ultra-durable form so she could launch herself into space with it, and with the first EOU invasion alert she front-burnered this plan; Adamantine Armadillo Amazon form was ready in time for the second invasion alert.
  • She was carrying a Face-Smashing Implement Of Goodness for a while, in hopes that an alignment change would allow her to equip it, but this hasn't happened.
  • She has a lab in a pocket universe, which she has recently detached from any other universe due to learning how to unstick herself in reality. She created this lab to help her investigate TF technology, but with her natural shapeshifting abilities she considers TF tech somewhat redundant, and ended up mostly pursuing side projects. This lab is known to have various odd substances produced by chaos magic, including at least one substance that emits mutagenic pseudoradioactivity only stopped by LuciteĀ®.

Project Omnihammer

Preferring gender equality, she thought of equipping shojo hammers with TFGs set to MV1, particularly the telepathic, precognitive, self-wielding hammers that live wild(or perhaps feral) in at least Main. She didn't do anything with this thought until Stardrake suggested a partnership to produce such; at that time she voiced her concern that Dan Shive may not like the increased hammer activity, and intended to wait until he weighed in with an opinion. With no such opinion forthcoming, and her being a compulsive tinkerer, she proceeded with the project in private. Stardrake also proceeded independently, and they arrived at two very different designs; his design was based on a mundane hammer, technologically emulating the traits of a shojo hammer, while hers was more literal. Since she started by taming wild hammers, primarily for their precognitive ability, she hasn't been able/willing to keep them confined to her lab, and two versions have been observed:

  • One that fires an MV1 beam from its future location, then draws itself from Hammerspace, then hammers the victim, then locks up, then ceases to exist due to the causality violation, then catches fire(which adds to the previous causality violation). Since it proved retrofatal to the modified hammer, she quickly worked around the worst of this bug.
  • One that fires an MV1 beam from its future location, then draws itself, then hammers the victim, then catches fire. This version contains the small ontoclysm caused by the causality violation, and the resulting burst of chronitons and antichronitons is contained by shielding. However, the energy thereby produced is considerable, and mostly manifests as heat, hence the catching fire.

Weapon & Defense Development

As a compulsive tinkerer, the Crossover Wars have inspired her to invent a couple combat items, despite worrying about her alignment.

  • Anti-TF Belt - A bulky belt, vaguely resembling a metal "utility belt"; it's a simplified TFG with a sensor in place of the controls. It automatically uses the Normalize setting on the user if they get TFed while wearing it. Her own has been seen sporting an orange sphere at the back, but the purpose of this is unknown.
  • "Screaming Viking" LAW - A weapon resembling a UT2004 Redeemer, with a number of wooden parts, and a green vine snaking around the grip. It's a one-shot disposable rocket, designed for snap use against DRACO portals. It uses a fusion reactor for thrust and payload; due to the extreme exit velocity, any turbulence in the thrust causes it to back up and detonate the reactor in a gout of plasma. The reactor will fail after approximately half a second, but since it quickly reaches double-digit mach speeds, this gives it a range of about three miles before it's reduced to a kinetic-kill projectile. In a bit of design she's particularly proud of, the launcher splits open under the thrust, forming an improvised shield for the wielder. Due to its intended use across reality lines, the rocket uses only reality-compatible tech, though the arming mechanisms are based on EGS hammer physics. (The Screaming Viking is actually a spinoff from Project Omnihammer.)
  • In addition to being able to launch herself at an orbital target from her mile-long railgun, she's developed a technique of "double-tapping" the railgun; she fires straight up, unequips the railgun, reequips it directly above herself, muzzle-loads herself via simple inertia, then aims and fires at a ground target before the railgun finishes re-entry. However, this technique is very "scorched earth", and probably not useful in a defense force.

Current Status

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