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Jorlem's current avatar. It is supposed to be the image on Jorlem's shirt, except um... better. My first attempt at using GIMP.


Jorlem The Poster

Jorlem is a long time reader of EGS, but only started posting shortly before the EOU launched their attack on Mayhem. He signed in at the newbie thread, but was eager to try to help, and left before he got his full share of glompings, and also did not get all of the possible newbie gifts/supplies. Jorlem is a member of the EGS Defence Force. Jorlem is a member of the Loyal Opposition. He is also using this page as a place to put all his character bios.

Jorlem The Character

A sprite of Jorlem made by LittleBeast. I added the wormhole myself using GIMP. I think it came out OK. Thanks LittleBeast  :D

Jorlem is a very curious and inquisitive person. His first response to something new and strange is to either ask about it, or try to do research on it, if there is time to do so. This is made easier by the fact that Jorlem is also a speed reader, and can therefore read and absorb information from books very quickly. If there is no time to ask or do the research, he will try to figure out how things work as they go along, if he has a place to start from, such as a computer console. He usually wears a light blue shirt, with an image of a vortexy thing over the area where the pocket usually is (If someone knows what this is called, please put it in.), and dark blue pants. Jorlem is slightly less than six feet tall, and has black hair and brown eyes, except when he is using his powers, then his eyes glow purple. When he pushes his powers to their limits*, his eyes turn completely purple (In the same way that the Demonic Duck in the corner of this page has eyes that are completely yellow).

He fought in the first Battle of the Mall, and helped to seal the interdimensional rift that was created during that battle. He is currently on the sub-bridge of one of the recaptured Fanworks.

*Limits to be determined

Jorlem's Inventory

When not in use, most items are stored in a storage space behind Jorlem's back, which is only present when he is not looking.

  • 1 TF Gun
  • 1 Squirrel Teddy
  • 1 Cookie in a shiny wrapper
  • 5 cans of unlabeled soda (One was accidentally launched out of a grenade launcher at some EOU robots)
  • 1 dead fish
  • 1 Elliot voodoo doll
  • 1 fire extinguisher
  • 1 grenade launcher (With a very large amount of grenades)
  • 1 plasma grenade
  • 1 plasma grenade manual
  • 1 Jetpack (taken from a downed clone of Genghis Khan)
  • 1 copy of Tesseracts, Wormholes, and Other Interdimensional Anomalies, by The Teleporter.
  • 1 Stabilizer (It is about three and a half feet long, tapers from a foot wide to nearly a point. Instead of a point at the tip, there is a small, concave energy emitter. It has a tripod that can be folded up, and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It has an opening at the top that a DRACO bracelet or the PFS can be fitted into. It is also, for some reason, a bright orange.)
  • 1 PFS (Portal Frequency Scanner. (It can scan sites where there were interdimensional portals, such as DRACO portals, and use this data to extrapolate and then create a stabilization field that matches the one needed for that portal.) It is currently attached to the Stabilizer.)
  • 1 Terran Defense Force Mk. 1 Light Infantry Battle Armor, with a zero-G maneuvering pack attached. The maneuvering pack allows for about 10 minutes of constant propulsion in zero gravity. (Picture by Jstone) (currently equipped, replacing regular clothes and armor.)
  • 1 Nivenian Impact Suit. It is a dark blue, and is usually worn underneath Jorlem's other clothes, which are usually a similar color. (He's had this the whole time. Yeah. <_< >_> <_< )

Jorlem's Abilities/Powers

Jorlem can create a pair of linked wormholes within a range of about 25 feet of himself. The wormholes are disc shaped, and have a maximum diameter of about 6 feet. The wormholes, once created, cannot be moved, so if the wormholes are needed in a different position or location the current wormholes need to be closed, and new ones opened at the new locations. The wormholes can be opened and closed with just a thought, but opening and closing several in quick succession will leave Jorlem out of breath for a moment. These wormholes have proved very useful as shields, and for redirecting enemy fire, among other things. For the time being, Jorlem can create two sets of wormhole, and move them around without needing to close and reopen them. This is indirectly a result of A Fan's attack on a DRACO portal, which resulted in an interdimensional rift, which weakened the fabric of reality, making it easier for dimensional manipulations, such as the wormholes, to be performed. After the rift was sealed, Jorlem retained these increased powers by absorbing dimensional energy that had collected in the Stabilizer. Also, because of absorbing this energy, the range he can open wormholes increased to about 50 feet, and he can also open wormholes to places that he has been before, such as the mall, or Fort Mayhem. He has also developed a sort of extradimensional storage space. It is possible for Jorlem to exceed these limits, suggsting that they are, at least on part, self imposed. However, doing this puts a bit of strain on reality, and causes devices that interact with multiple dimensions to act strangely.

Jorlem's Backstory

This is in the form of a first person narritive, told by Jorlem in response to a question about where he comes from, or something along those lines. Enjoy.

"I don’t remember much. Whole chunks of my memory are gone. Erased. Irretrievably deleted. This is what I’ve been able to piece together from what I have left, and what happened after I lost those memories.

I worked at a science lab. I wasn’t one of the researchers, or anyone really all that important. I did stuff with the computers, which I was good at. The lab was working on a way to travel through time. They had found a method to move things forwards through time and, theoretically, backwards as well. When they tested the forward setting on atomic clocks, it worked just fine, it was as accurate as it is possible to be. The difference between the control clocks and those sent forward showed that we were hitting the nail right on the head. When they sent stuff backwards though…

When they sent the clocks backwards, they disappeared. They searched and they searched where they should have been in the present day, but they couldn’t find the clocks. They tried over and over again, with the same result each time. Eventually, they determined that the multiple timeline hypothesis was correct. Every time they sent a clock back in time, it split off a new timeline that had the clock, and one that did not. This meant that as it was, being able travel back in time and return to the same world you had left was impossible. This was not something that would be stood for. I do not know if it was the backers, the scientists themselves, or both of them, or some third party that insisted that a solution be made, but insisted it was, and a solution was devised.

The solution was based on an offshoot of the time travel technology, highly experimental reality distortion/realignment technology, a device designed to fold space into itself, and a living, sentient, component. The living component was to be the focus for the machine. To travel backward and forward in time while remaining on the same timeline, it was thought that it would be necessary to have a thinking mind to realign the device with the traveler’s native timeline. I don’t know why they thought this. I don’t remember why I did what I did next.

All that I can remember is that I volunteered.

The next few weeks are a blur. I was taught a great deal about the machine, how and why it worked the way it did. I remember almost nothing of this, only that it happened.

Then came the big day.

I was first put into a protective suit, designed to stiffen under a sharp impact. Over that, my clothes, and then the time/dimensional distortion suit. Then they engaged the machines.

All that I could see was a purple blur. It was completely silent.

After what seemed like a short time, the blur faded, and the world reappeared around me. Up to that point, things had gone as planned. The suit was able to determine that I was, in fact, in the past. I ran the final checks, and when they came back positive, I engaged the systems that should have returned me home. The purple field returned but instead of it being the steady blur that I had seen before, it was a mass of swirling vortexes, and there was a loud roaring noise. I was buffeted back and forth for hours in that tunnel, before the blur faded again and I emerged into what I thought to be my present.

The internal clock said it was the same date as when I had left, and only five minutes had passed since then. However, instead of emerging into a lab, I came out in an empty field. At first I thought that it was just a malfunction with the suit’s spatial coordinates, and I tried to locate my employer for the next few days. When I woke up on the fourth day, I could not remember the name of who I was searching for. Then I panicked.

I tried for hours to remember who I was looking for, but I came up with nothing. Then I had the idea of trying to approach the name from a different angle, by remembering what had led up to my hiring. I could barely remember anything, not my parents’ names, whether or not I had any siblings, where I lived, almost no personal detail about myself, not even my last name. The only major things that I did remember about myself were my first name, and my favorite foods.

After about another half hour spent panicking, I calmed myself down, and tried to piece together what had happened. I must have ended up in a wrong timeline, and the timeline was trying to fit me into it, or just erase me. Luckily, I was able to remember how to operate the functions on my suit that I had been trained to use, and I turned on the suit’s shielding, which was designed to protect me from the dimensional energy that was used in the process of time travel, hoping that it would protect me from this timeline’s attempts at removing me. As far as I could tell, it worked fine, but it gave everything a slight purple tint.

I worked for nearly three weeks reprogramming the suit to take me back. It had only been programmed for one round trip, I had to keep the shielding active while doing it, and there was the problem of having to figure out how to do it without a good deal of the training I had been given. Fortunately, the controls were relatively simple, and I was fairly certain that I had done everything right. When I was finished, I activated the suit, and watched the purple blur form around me. The suit was able to take me back to the point in time that I had been before, and I prepared to activate the suit one more time, and return home.

Maybe the suit couldn’t take the stress of the shielding being constantly on for three weeks. Maybe it couldn’t take the stain of a fourth jump. Maybe it was just some random fluke. When I activated the machine that last time, it exploded.

When I woke up, I was floating in a, a, a something. I think it was where I went through when I traveled through time. It was filled with a purple mist, through which I could see strange, indistinct shapes drifting in and out of view. After a while, I noticed that my suit, and with my shielding had vanished, but somehow, this didn’t really bother me. Some time after that, I realized that I had stopped needing to eat, or breathe, and had not noticed.

After a long while, I found that, if I thought in just the right way, I could cause myself to move. I propelled myself towards the shapes that I had seen before. When I had emerged from the clouds, or at least gotten to an area where they were thinner, I beheld a strange sight. Gigantic orbs drifted through the thin purple mist, moving around each other with a strange rhythm. Every so often a beam of bright light, sometimes yellow, sometimes blue, once a while green, but most often a brilliant white, would connect two, or sometime three of the orbs for a short time, then dissipate.

When I maneuvered myself onto an orb, and looked very carefully into it, I could just make out people, a world, moving within the orb. When I tried to enter the orb, I was bounced away, and couldn’t find that orb again. I tried to do this several times before I gave up. I then tried to enter the beams of light, but I couldn’t even get close. Whenever I approached a beam, there was a force, a sort of wind, the pushed me back. After a few more tries, I gave up on this too. I resigned myself to watching the people in the orbs live out their lives, have their own adventures, while I remained trapped outside. I watched the orbs for what felt like ages, though I don’t know how long it really was. Time seemed to pass at different speeds in different orbs, and did not seem to pass at all outside of them.

A good deal later, a new type of beam appeared. It was different from the other beams; it was a dull black, streaked through with bright red lines, and it pierced through the purple mist and hit the orbs, creating ripples on their surface. Normally when a beamed formed, a beam would emerge from each of the orbs, and they would meet in the middle. These new beams came out of nowhere, and reached the orbs on their own. Also, instead of pushing me away, like the other beams did, the black beams pulled me towards them, and I had to work very hard to keep from being sucked in. I had a feeling that there was something not quite right with these beams, and I did not want to enter one of them.

I watched the black beams with the red streaks impact orb after orb, avoiding the beams as best I could. After a while, a beam hit an orb that was slightly larger than most, then quickly winked out. The ripples the beam caused, instead of fading out like on all the other orbs, instead got larger and larger. Eventually, a small hole opened up where the beam had hit. Knowing that this might be my only chance, I rushed through the hole, and landed on the world within. I wasn’t used to having to walk anymore, and, out of habit, I tried to move myself like I had outside. I didn’t move, but instead a hole had opened up in front of me, through which I could see an area a short way away. Looking around the hole, I could see its other end, floating in midair. Somehow, I knew that these were called “wormholes”.

After I spent some time getting used to walking again, I examined the local news, and found out about the situation with the EOU. From what I had read, it sounded similar to what I had seen outside of the world, and I wanted to help, so a short while later, I signed up with the EGS-DF, vowing to myself, that no matter what the circumstances, I would never time travel again. Very soon afterward, I was called on to help fight off an EOU invasion at the Mall."

Plushie Jorlem

Created by the chaos energy that was running loose in Fort Mayhem during the Chaos Cold incident, then animated by Alex Mage, this plushie shares most of Jorlem's powers, such as being able to create wormholes, and (maybe) absorb dimensional energy. He also has the added ability of always knowing where Jorlem is, and is able to open a wormhole to his location, so long as he is not in an alternate dimension. He is about 10 inches tall, and cannot speak, as his mouth is just a piece of thread that is where the mouth should be.(See here) He also has a small tag on his back that reads: "Made in Not-Moperville" He has a Golden Chocobo that can exceed lightspeed when it has the right motivation.


Originally a Bass robot drawn by Ti-Phil in one of his exits from Main's Invasion thread, this robot was then misidentified by Tangent as a type of guitar, or possibly a fish. Jorlem correctly identified it as Bass from Ti-Phil's webcomic, The Volet. Jorlem then scanned the robot for any booby-traps, and finding none, settled on the name Emmet for the robot. Emmet was in New Mayhem, but was dispatched on the rescue mission to Too Many Authors. He is a member of the Bunny Berets, a unit formed to go on the rescue mission to TMA to save Littlebeast. He then returned to Fort Mayhem in time for the party, and then left again to help free TMA from the EOU. Returning to Fort Mayhem minutes after leaving, via a time warp, Emmet later was one of the bunnies that accompanied Squato during negotiations with Fellback of the EOU, and was captured in the EOU's surprise attack. His current whereabouts are unknown, but presumably the EOU base.

Emmet's Inventory

  • 1 ID Badge Blank (Insert into Terminal to receive ID)
  • 1 Low-output Electrolaser Stunner w/holster (Built into the arm cannon)
  • 3 Vouchers redeemable for uniform
  • 1 Voucher redeemable for combat equipment; Battle Armor, Assault Rifle, Sidearm. ((One of these, one of these, and one of these.))
  • 1 Multi-function Communications device. ((Similar to this, but with a touch-screen. Is used as a computer and personal comm device. Includes a miniaturized subspace locater beacon that is used, in conjunction with the station's space-fold drive, to transport you anywhere in the multiverse. It can also open a comm channel to any other comm device, regardless of universe. It's an IC way to bridge the communications and transportation gap between this station and Mayhem.))(Integrated with body.)
  • TF Gun (Built into arm cannon)
  • 1 Beret with a picture of a bunny on it. (Worn)
  • ? Fireworks, given by Littlebeast or one of his characters.

Emmet's Abilities

Emmet has all of the basic abilities Bass usually has, such as the buster/arm cannon, and battle armor, but also has a few additional abilities/modifications added on/made by Jorlem (the poster). He can see through illusions, still being able to see the false image, but also perceiving the reality underneath. He can also detect lies and untruths when he is paying attention, trying to catch any lies. The blasts of energy from his buster will cause more harm to being that are not in their true form, or are not who or what they claim to be. His interdimensional communicator has been built into his body, and his Electrolaser stunner and a TF Gun have been integrated into his arm cannon. The stunner has been modified to allow a good deal more power to be put through it, hopefully allowing it to damage or destroy the EOU's droids. The low power mode still exists, and is the default setting.


A character for Ajac's Discworld RP. Bio:

Name- Aur Choshev (pronounced "Or Cho-shev")

Age- 26 (I think this is an appropriate age for a student wizard.)

Gender- Male

Species- Human

Height- Around 5'10" ish

Weight- About 11 stone (Thats just over 150 pounds if you don't know how to convert stone to lbs.)

Eye Color- Dark brown

Hair Color- Black

Skin Color- Pale, with reddish splotches that might be something similar to sunburn.

Personality- Friendly, and possibly slightly naive (He doesn't get out much.) Though he is able to work with others, he tends to work alone.

Basic Background- Aur is a student wizard under Ponder Stibbons. He works with and on Hex, performing maintenance such as making sure the living parts of Hex are fed, and keeping everything in generally good working condition. This is between regularly attending his other classes, much to his professors' dismay. He has learned well not to utter the m-word around the librarian by observing the experiences of others. His current task/project is to figure out a ay to improve Hex using light. Aur's experiments with light magic have resulted in the creation of several new ways to manipulate light, as well as a good deal of sunburn style injuries He is making progress though.

Spells- Most of the spells that Aur knows deal with manipulating light in some way (think basic illusions/mirages and invisibility, and being able to make a magical light source), and a basic fire spell for self-defense in case of an emergency. (Nothing major, just being able to create a small fire near himself.)

Clothes- In public, Aur usually wears the traditional dark blue robe and pointy hat, with a pair of comfortable sandles and pants on underneath (A result of a class taken on Cruel and Unusual Geography. The professor kept stressing the need to be able to run in an emergency, and this was really the only useful bit of knowledge that Aur took away from the class.) In private, he just wears the pants, sandals, a shirt with the UU emblem over the left chest area (Does anyone know what this area on a shirt is called? Its the area where the little crocodile or polo player is on polo shirts.), and sometimes a smaller pointy hat.

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