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CPUX's current avatar: I dun drawded this.
CPUX is a guy who says he is way too busy to contribute to the Mayhem Wiki, but, well, here he is contributing to the darn wiki. All while he should be sleeping cause he has an exam tomorrow morning. Although not active in any Mayhem RPs, CPUX is an active carroteer since page 32 (making him arguably the longest-lasting carroteer) and Mayhem gamer. CPUX also holds a Ph.D in Glompology.


CPUX joined the Keenspot forums on 28 May 2004, and soon found an online home in the EGS forum. With the great separating of EGS and Mayhem, CPUX knew that he found the greatest single forum ever known to man.

Since being on Keenspot, CPUX has cited his location as being "Under a pile of action figures." This is fairly accurate, as his room is full of every awesome action figure that the 80's could produce. Seriously, that was a banner decade for action figures. GI Joe, Ninja Turtles, He-Man, Transformers, the list goes on.

Sometime later, CPUX had a crisis of some sort and hid from the internet. Nobody really noticed, and life went on. Then one day, he came back for some reason, and again, nobody really noticed, except for Berk maybe. (This may have been cause his name doesn't make you go "Hey, look who's here!" Or notice the its lack of being there. - Jesse)

He posts a lot in carrot..?, where his arch-nemesis is Pointing things out guy, who he hates for pointing out all his logical fallacies. Although on occasion the two have teamed up.


CPUX's avatars have been many. The first few were images of Tedd, his favorite EGS character. Later, he moved on to outside stuff, first with Tillie the grinning Asbury Park mascot, then a rotation of King of Fighters characters, primarily K'. After his hiatus, he kept his K' avatar until discovering The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and displaying Haruhi avatars. Later came some sort of chibi version of Tux. After that, he settled on L from Death Note, who is a parallel to his real-life personality. And it basically looks like Squato's avatar if it stayed awake for a week and didn't shower. But now it's back to Haruhi a totally unique and so not-boring drawing of himself.

His current avatar is of the HypnoToad, a toad with hypnotic eyes. SleepyOrigami has already fallen victim to this foul creature, but MDM seems to be immune.

Image:harukyonavi.jpg Image:Obey-penguin.png Image:L-av.png Image:L-justice.jpg Image:Haru-lion.jpg Image:Ooh-shiny.png


  • CPUX does way too much stuff.
  • CPUX knows way too much stuff. As a result, he often has to dodge the FBI, the CIA, and occasionally the Dutch.
  • He is a master of wallflowering, and is able to generate a personal SEP field to ward off enemies. It's also kept him under the radar of nice bunnies as well, which may be why he's yet to show up in Keenfans or anything until he forced himself in.
  • CPUX's first post in carrot..?:
    • I don't know what's crazier: that this topic (originally about some guy not wanting to be called a bunny) reached 630+ replies, or the fact that I read each and every one of them. And I'm going to keep reading.

::sits back in his lounge chair with his popcorn and root beer while all this disorder continues::

  • As an "old guard" bunny, he's often seen sitting on his porch yelling at all the kid bunnies to get off his lawn.
  • CPUX is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering so when we're all in the megacorps' post-Awakening world, he'll be ready to shadowrun.
  • CPUX's hard drive is mostly comprised of the loads of fansubbed anime he's downloaded, and he often speaks of his unyielding love for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which has provoked a few bunnies into discovering it themselves.
  • CPUX is an advocate for free and open source software, and sees lots of potential in Linux, GNU, Copyleft, and other open source icons in various fields and applications.
  • CPUX is an avid video gamer, often found playing either World of Warcrack or his PS2.
  • CPUX also works on his own comic, Apathetic Spunk, though he doesn't do a good job of working on it.
  • CPUX started a DeviantArt account to post scripts and garner some attention to find an artist for the comic, but with no some success.
  • CPUX's signature consists of several animated gifs and YouTube links because he easily forgets that a lot of people still use dial-up internet.
  • CPUX only talks in the third person on Wikis.
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