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MOOMANiBE Is a kittycat... But he is also a cow superhero! Not to be confused with SuperCow from Cow & Chicken, don't want them crazy lawyers after us with copyright infringement issues!

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The Moom declares this page open for abuse. If thou can think of an amusing and/or silly addition, thou shouldst add it. Truth and/or accuracy not required.


Moom does Artstuffs. He has a page at He suffers from two major problems in his art. One is his LSE, the other is rabid Bunnies (Like KillerFish and FerretBob) who plague him with cries of Make a Comic


Moom does other stuffs too. It's exciting. For instance, Moom designed the statue of liberty, the Berlin wall, and the buildings containing the legislature of 23 different nations.

RPs and Stuffs

  • Moom participates (badly) in MKRP as Aura, a telekinetic girl from another dimension. Or, at least, he used to, but he got lazy and forgot to post for about a year. Whoops.
  • Also, was in LPW for a while but dissapeared. Mysteriously. OooooOooOOoO.

Real True Facts®!


  • Is actually 1/16 penguin due to a mad scientist around the beginning of the 20th century.
  • According to rumors, may have used a TFG to transform someone into "Living Cream Cheese"
  • Subsists on only 15 minutes of sleep a week, due to a caffeinated skin patch.
  • Never blinks.
  • Eats rusted chunks of scrap iron for breakfast.
  • Can lift large trucks with one hand.
  • Once played a perfect golf game of 18 holes in one.
  • Invented ninjas.
  • Has learned and memorized all 11 Secret Herbs & Spices.
  • Has a not-so-secret admirer
  • Owns a magic flying motorcycle, used primarily to tailgate passenger jets and to freak people out by reenacting the "man on the wing" episode of The Twilight Zone
  • Lives by the motto "I put the laughter in manslaughter!".
  • It is said that a bracelet made from a lock of his hair on the night of a full moon will grant incredible powers to its possessor, but nobody seems to know exactly what powers...
  • It is now known that these bracelets do nothing more then irritate the skin.
  • Once challenged Satan to a game of Dance Dance Revolution, but it ended prematurely when a power failure shut down the game.
  • When he ran into Vin Diesel, Chuck Norris and Mr T, all he could do was laugh at them.
  • Is actually a waffle eating lesbian, or was that a lesbian eating waffle?

Same Fluff, but poorly translated into German

  • Wirklich ist der Penguin 1/16 wegen eines wütenden Wissenschaftlers um den Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts.
  • Subsists auf nur 15 Minuten Schlaf ein Woche, wegen a caffeinated Hautflecken.
  • Blinkt nie.
  • Ißt verrostete Klumpen des Alteisens zum Frühstück.
  • Kann große LKWas mit einer Hand anheben.
  • Spielte einmal ein vollkommenes Golfspiel von 18 Bohrungen in einer.
  • Erfundene ninjas.
  • Hat alle 11 sich geheimen Kräuter u. Gewürze erlernt und gemerkt.
  • Hat einen Nicht-sogeheimnis Bewunderer
  • Besitzt ein magisches Fliegenmotorrad, heraus benutzt hauptsächlich zu den Hinterverkleidung Passagierstrahlen und zu den ungewöhnlichen Leuten, indem reenacting die „Mann auf dem Flügel“ Episode der Dämmerung-Zone
  • Leben durch das Motto „ich setzte das Gelächter in Manslaughter!“ ein.
  • Es wird gesagt, daß ein Bracelet, der von einer Verriegelung seines Haares auf der Nacht eines Vollmonds gebildet wird, unglaubliche Energien seinem Besitzer bewilligt, aber niemand scheint, genau zu kennen, welches … antreibt
  • Es wird jetzt gewusst, dass diese Armbänder nichts reizen dann die Haut tun.
  • Einmal herausgefordertes Satan zu einem Spiel der Tanz-Tanz-Revolution, aber er beendeten vorzeitig, als ein Stromausfall das Spiel schloß.
  • Als er Vin Diesel, Klemme Norris und Herrn T traf, sollte aller, den er tun könnte, an ihnen lachen.

Same Fluff, but translated back into what is believed to be English

  • The Penguin 1/16 is real because of a furious scientist around the at the beginning 20. Century.
  • Subsists on only 15 minutes sleep week, because of A caffeinated skin marks.
  • Never flashes.
  • Rusty lumps of the scrap iron eat to the breakfast.
  • Can large process card which with a hand raise.
  • Once a perfect gulf play of 18 drillings in one played.
  • Invented one ninjas.
  • All 11 secret herbs and spices learned themselves and noticed.
  • Not sogeheimnis Bewunderer has one.
  • A magic fly motorcycle, out used mainly for the Hinterverkleidung and for the unusual people, possesses passenger jets by reenacting the "man on the wing" episode of the dawn zone
  • Life by the slogan "I set the laughter in Manslaughter!"
  • It is said that a Bracelet, which is formed by a bolting device of its hair on the night of a full moon grants unbelievable energies to its owner, but anybody does not seem to exactly know which ... propels.
  • It is now known that these bracelets do not provoke anything then the skin do.
  • Once provoked Satan to a play of the dance dance revolution, but it terminated prematurely, when a power failure closed the play.
  • When it met Vin Diesel, clamp Norris and Mr. T, everything, which it could do, should laugh at them.

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