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A major affliction sadly affecting many Bunnies. It is a lowering of the self esteem. Possible side effects are depression, upsetness and sometimes worse. LSE tends to occur in intermittent bouts, and chronic sufferers are most common. It's easily contractible when stressful situations weaken the mental immune system, and treatment generally consists of long-term contemplation of oneself and others, and serious cases can require repeated large doses of affection from another in order to raise self-worth. The latter course is used hesitantly by many professionals, as the treatment can become highly addictive, and removal of the affection often results in a catastrophic combination of withdrawal symptoms and the return of the symptoms of LSE.

Known sufferers

The LSE War

Some people who suffer from LSE do not understand why others, who also have it, do. Resulting in FerretBob going out of his way to destroy HQ's. At least in a nice way. However, neither he nor HQ understand why exactly the other is trying to destroy their LSE, as they feel it is justified. Many of them, such as FB, are wrong.FB is HQ is, of course wrong squared quite right wrong in a non-self-esteem-lowering way. such as FB and HQ are both completely awesome.

A possible cure

While not a cure, but simply a treatment, Vitrial (a relative newcomer to the mayhem forums) has devised a method of controlling these bouts indefinitely. A word of warning: it is not for the faint of heart, and it takes much time to get used to. The best non-prescription treatment found by Vitrial and his (to remain unnamed) colleagues is a vast consumption of capsaicin with every meal. Chilli peppers, hot sauce, and other spicy substances are the best known source of this abundant chemical. It is to be noted that one must consume a capsaicin source with at least one meal a day, though more is preferred. Other treatments (i.e. affection, friends, etc...) are essential for prolonged results, but this can help bridge the gaps in those long hauls of sadness.

Why/how does it work: The answer is simple, the pain caused in the mouth forces the brain to release endorphins, which are the chemicals that affect how happy you are, essentially the more endorphins in your system the better you feel. And since the endorphins last longer than the pain, and also since the endorphins are released whether or not the pain affects you, means that you can get results quickly, with little chance of building up an immunity. A short while after a regular schedule of spicy food intake, you will notice a build up in resistance to the pain of the acidic capsaicin, but its effects should remain unchanged. While the treatment must be a life long process, who could argue with eating more food to feel better?

Other good effects of capsaicin: this wonderful substance has been scientifically proven by REAL scientists to boost the immune system to inhuman levels, aid in weight loss at accelerated speeds, and help one's metabolism.

Warning: Side effects associated with capsaicin are as follows:

  • A burning sensation in the mouth
  • Light-headedness after large meals
  • Mild poisoning after chilli pepper-eating contests gone wrong
  • Less colds and flus
  • A bubblier mood
  • Smellier sweat

For any questions, complaints, or whatever, contact Vitrial on the EGS mayhem forum.

(sorry it was so long, I had a lot to say, and it has helped quite a few people, including me)

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