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Dekupower is a 15 year old member of the Mayhem forum. His name is usually shortened to just Deku, because he finds his full name stupid and unnecessary. Deku is an artist and poet who is often overly critical and unconfident of his own work, which can be seen at He is usually portrayed as a Boy with poofy, messy hair which covers his eyes. He wears jeans and a T-shirt with a cloak over it.

Deku is sometimes known to carry a sword with him, usually either a Katana or a Tai Chi straight sword.

Deku's Interests

Deku has many hobbies and interests to keep him happy and unhomicidal.

  • Sword collecting - Ever since Deku was four he was fascinated by swords and other bladed weapons, but until recently he was never able to purchase such items when his brothers started buying and giving swords to him as gifts. Ever since then, he has gleefully collected swords from all over the world.
  • Reading - Reading is definitely one of his favorite things to do in his free time, his favorite genre being Science Fiction.
  • Writing Poetry - Deku has won many competitions because of his poetry, and has been credited highly for it, but even so he never can get motivated to write it, even though it's easy for him to write poetry at almost any time and about anything.
  • Drawing - A great passion for him is his ability to draw. He has many sketchbooks full of his work and he hopes someday to be the author of his very own comic, which he has been planning for over a year.
  • Playing guitar - During Christmas of 2005, Deku received a Fender guitar from his brothers, and ever since he has been playing... though quite badly.
  • Video games - Ah, and what kid doesn't like video games in this day and age.
  • Zelda- Deku is a devoted Zelda lover and fanboy, which was the origin of his username. He and Kyrio both claim to be the greatest Zelda fan but so far noone has been able to decide which one is greater.
  • Sleeping - According to recent studies, people who sleep aren't tired all the time.

Active RPs

Deku is actively participating in the following Rps at this time

RP Characters

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Mindless Trivia

  • Loves ramen noodles.
  • Likes foxes, Squirrels, and all other small fuzzy animals.
  • Is a hopeless procrastinator (is actually doing this instead of a project).
  • He hates President Bush (then again, even the Republicans are starting to find THAT guy annoying).
  • Once went two weeks on only ramen.
  • Once slept for two days.
  • He has named every sword he owns.
  • Is thought to have been a rice ball in a past life.
  • Is thought to still be a rice ball.
  • Uses the words "Glorious" and "indeed" far too much.
  • Once broke a bone while playing ping-pong.
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