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Bleach RP (no longer in the Shinigami Academy)

Run by me, the Artmoogle, also known as Drayco on the forums. I'm far too lazy to redo all the links to bios, etc here right now, so I'll just throw down the links to The RP Threadand The Discussion Thread. The first post of the discussion thread is basically the table of contents for everything.

I will, however, note that the RP is currently not looking for new players, but is welcome to accept them. Just send me a PM, or better yet just post in the Discussion thread. SHINIGAMI GOLDEN!!

...okay fine, you get a mass-characters page. Somone can linky to all the bios if they want.

Characters By Division

Unless mentioned otherwise here, assume te characters hold their positions as in the anime. The exceptions are Hinamori and Kira, who in this RP are the 10th Division 3rd and 4th seats, respectively. Names are in Japanese style, because I'm OCD like that. :P

Bleach RP Wiki Character Profile Template

3rd Division

4th Division

5th Division

9th Division

11th Division

Other Characters

  • Kanrara Genkou - Unnafiliated (Dismissed from 3rd division)
  • Suteki - the soul girl who formerly owned Shadow, the soul-sensetive kittycat. Also a friend of Matth after death.
  • Rosuto - the soul boy currently posessed by the Hollow eing fought in the sewers. Also a friend of Matth after death.
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