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The Artist

KillerFish (Alias: Daffyd, David, Davey, Dave, and D) is an English born bunny, who spends most of his time drawing comics, most notably KeenFans. He is also a founding knight of the Order of the Bunny, where he goes by the simple moniker of "Rev". Here, he leads the Ars Lagomorpha, artistically inclined Bunnies.

The Characters

There are four characters in the Keenfansium attributed to KillerFish: Dark, Fay, Bruce and Fingers.

  • Dark KillerFish: The "evil" KillerFish, and also the original. Distinquishing features include blood red pupils, and no whites of the eye. Is known to have a combat form which features aspects from all of his duplicates.
  • Fay KillerFish: A blonde female elf. Noted for overly long ears KillerFish draws all elves with.
  • Bruce KillerFish: A Bat/Tiger/Lespuko hybrid. Can fly. He's said to not be as smart as the other KillerFishes.
  • Fingers KillerFish: A squid/human thing. So named becasue he has no fingers. Also the most cowardly, and the most perverted of the four.
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