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Physically around 20 to 25.




Ineluki is a 5'13 human with grey eyes, black hair in a ponytail and light skin tone.

Current zapped with form: Half-Jeremy. 

He usually wears a preferably unremarkable attire of grey,black and sometimes anthracite hues, mostly with some sort of vest.

Pic: On top of the Deathmanse - thanks to Anti-Paragon and Kyrio, who did this for me!

New garb to accomodate new form:

  • beige capri pants of slightly darker tone than fur; fitted with extra cut for the spiked tail;
  • dark, sturdy leather vest; hold by straps on the back due to spines;
  • light poncho of slightly darker color than the gray spines; fully covers back, arms down to elbow and tapers in the front around the belly, so that the vest is visible beneath;
  • forearms wrapped with gray tapes;
  • black leather boots;


Ineluki is a naturally curious person and has a somewhat unstable personality: On the one hand he is prone to moodswings, while at the same time he can change from self-composed to impulsive in the blink of an eye.

Irregardless, he carefully examines things before getting personally involved and sometimes tends to be too perfectionistic for his own good.

Notable abilities

Experienced with most melee combat weapons, prefers melee weapons with long range like staves; knows how to fire many ranged weapons as well, but has no remarkable aim.

Good understanding of magic, but his powers do not work on most worlds, which is the case on this one too.

Notable objects

A multi-tool belt with pockets around its circumference, containing whatever a traveler might need on different worlds. A virtually indestructable 12" wooden stick that can be extended to 70", often used for self-defense. A magic enhanced PDA that can be given input by mere thoughts. He also wears diamond-hard glassed, which have the ability to shade themselves in case of direct sunshine, slightly improve vision in complete darkness and correct every user's vision problems.

All items were selected for extreme durability, since somebody who has been traveling for so long knows how hard it can be to replace broken accessories.


No house yet.


Ineluki is an ancient spirit, who, after being banished from his homeworld, and still being unable to die, started an endless travel throughout the universe. For this he mostly uses the 'Corridor between the Worlds' which connects all worlds in all dimensions, universes and (thanks to space-time relativity) times. It's an endless line of unlabled doors from which each one leads to a random place in a world.

Ineluki possesses willing bodies to become more than a distant spectre on his journey. After his last body was killed in a war, he aquired a new one on 21st century Earth and spent his last few years getting his gear back before leaving this world behind again and seeing where fate would take him with the next door. It happened to bring him straight into the stockroom of the pub in Mossy Knoll.

On his travels he spent most of his time collecting knowledge, particularly stories, which he keeps stored in his PDA, as they are far too numerous to remember by now. This implies he deliberately chases after tales and stories, often as they unfold right before him. He is also always happy to share said tales over a good drink.

Other information

Has a hard time resisting a good beaker of ale or glass of wine when offered, but will likely resist all attempts to overly intoxicate him (since he has a lot of experience as a bard)

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