John Luke Callahan

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Full Name: John-Luke Callahan

Age: 18

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Nationality: Elled

Played by: Amon Star


5' 3", with green eyes, pale and slightly spotty skin and short, platinum-blond hair. Build is weak with a thin frame. Basically, a Platinum Haired Pretty Boy.


Bonkers. Due to John-Luke's insanity, his behaviour is very unpredictable. However, there are three general rules to his conduct. 1) He will use or mention SCIENCE! at any opportunity. 2) If you are female, then you WILL be hit on. Badly. 3) Space Bats will cause him to scream like a little girl, then run and hide.


John-Luke is a freelance apprentice Mad Scientist.

Notable abilities


In addition to his knowledge of SCIENCE, John-Luke also possesses excellent hand-eye coordination, general technical skills and is good at drawing and sketching. He can also speak Ca'uk, though with a bad accent.



Notable objects

John-Luke's owns a many-compartmented tool belt, a pair of goggles and a light blue jumpsuit. This is all he owns.




Born an only child to a rich family in the capitol of Elled. His mother (Linda Callahan (Diver)) disappeared under mysterious circumstances when he was 4. His father (Harry Callahan (no relation)) works for the ministry for regulating Mad Science. Therefore, he often wasn't around when John-Luke was growing up.

John devoted himself to Mad Science as soon as he could. However, this caused him to grow even more distant from his father, as John-Luke is of the belief that Science should be free. He is obsessed with proving his worth as a Scientist, his latest attempt being a device that hopefully will allow him to crash the next High Scientist council meeting. This is quite a task, as this is a common objective for many an up & coming Insane Geniuses out to make a name for themselves. That attempt involved translocation, but it miss fired and John-Luke found himself in Mossy Knoll instead.

Other information

  • Trivia: John-Luke doesn't like magic. However, in his mind this is just personal manipulation of mystical energies through unscientific principals. Anything else is SCIENCE, even if the uninformed call it magic.
  • Join date: 1/6/2008
  • First mentioned in MKRP: 5/31/2008
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