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Full Name: Dreestith

Age: 17

Species: Human, with Werewolf and Dragon subtraits.

Sex: Male

Nationality: Outsider (Unknown)

Played by: Dreestith

Last seen: Unknown.


6'4" with black hair and two different colored eyes; one brown and one red. He wears oversized clothing of completely undescribed nature, which has two holes in the back for his wings. He has faded gray scales on the outer part of his forearms, which simply look like tattoos, he also has scales on his chest, once more looking like a tattoo. He often has a light beard which shows against his lightly tanned skin.


Not specified.


Badass Half-Dragon of badassness?

Notable abilities


Can wield spears of all sorts with legendary precision. He has 'unpredictable' strategies and attacks (?). Can 'transform' to hide his tail and wings. He can also breathe fire as a natural ability of dragons, and emit a roar that hurts people.


Has an ability called "Dragon's healing" that was never explained. He can summon things from his past (?). He draws power from the new moon, for what was never explained (I'm guessing badass poses). He also draws some power from the full moon, being part werewolf, but not enough for anything significant. Despite being important enough to mention, I guess.

Notable objects

Redemption Spear

No details given.

Omega Spear

No details given.

FairFrozen (spear)

No details given.

Dragon Faltizan (spear)

No details given. They all sound so badass though, don't they?




His back-round is very rough, as he was turned part wolf at the age of 13, and Dragon at the age of 14, which didn't give him alot of time to prepare and work with either one of these skills straight forward, and he still is working on them today, but they are no where near perfect.

A year and a Half back (I'd say thats about when Adam and him had that drastic game of tag.) he and Adam (mentioned in the previous bracket), a light mage with eternal youth, played a game of "tag" the flew around and tagged each other, but eventually Dreestith's wing caught on a limb, causing him to lose balance, and fall onto some precariously placed sharp rocks, which severely wounded his leg. After a few nights of being in the hospital, he gained the ability to summon using past memories, which he does often enough, he unfortunately summoned several things in his sleep, and when he awoke, it all disappeared, he then used a new skill, "Dragon's healing".

Where they went

Dreestith didn't exactly leave the RP. In fact, he barely joined as well. He basically flew in, went to the Clinic, talked with one person, then went to stand on the roof in the rain, looking badass as he looked over the town. It shall be assumed that he is doing this at all times, forever, until the author comes back, the clinic is collapsed, or someone does something with him.

Other information

  • There was lots of debate as to what 'half-dragon' meant upon Dreestith saying the character was only half dragon - no other half (not even human). While the point was never clarified, there was concurrence that he was humanoid, and with the addition of hair and the ability to hide his wings, it is safe to picture him as half-human.
  • The authors vehement need to point out this character's badassness during creation is noted. This character is bursting with badassity at all seams. At least to the creator.
  • Joined MKRP on Monday, January 19, 2009
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