Anne Walpole

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Full Name: Anne Walpole.

Age: 12.

Species: Human.

Sex: Female.

Nationality: Gal-Zaborian.

Played by: Amon Star.


4' 11", with blue eyes, white but tanned skin and shoulder length, blond hair. Build is athletic with an average frame. Her clothes range from expensive dresses around the house to jeans & t-shirt when she's out causing trouble and is often dirty too.


Anne is a spoilt little trouble maker. She very fiery and impulsive, which often gets her into trouble. Sometimes it's deliberate, though, as a way to get attention. She also has a tendency to be rude to be people as a "test", ie, if they humour her, then they're obviously worthy of her time.

When it comes to stress, fear, etc, Anne will lash out, either verbally or physically. She will hardly ever back down, even when completely outclassed.

Finally, she is deeply prejudiced against animal people, mostly Ca'uks, but Amazons and Foxkin too. This doesn't extend to people with a single animal feature, or those turned into one, just natural born Furries, as she calls them.



Notable abilities


Anne's a sneaky little kid who's very good at throwing stones.


Very basic Yogamnacy.

Notable objects

Anne is very fond of her new TFG. Let's hope she can keep this one.

She also has a Platinum Insurance card.




Like her brother Daniel, Anne grew up wanting for nothing material. Also like Daniel, she grew up in the shadow of her somewhat cold and distant father, but chose rebellion over conformity. From tantrums to running away (a few days at most), she always has been a handful. Of course, the worst punishment she ever suffered from was reduced allowance. Didn't stop the shouting, however.

She cried loudly throughout her mothers, funeral & threw herself onto the coffin. She had to be physically removed. After this, the fights became more regular. She reacted to the news of the move in her customary fashion by screaming, then running away. She returned just as her family was leaving, her bags all packed for her.

Other information

  • Trivia: Anne sees Ima as a substitute Mother/Big Sister. She also like Roan and thinks of him as her boyfriend, whether he likes it or not.
  • Join date: 30/7/2007.
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