Bishop (MKRP)

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Name: Bishop SinClaire

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Appearance: Looks an awful lot like Milla, actually. His hair and fur are the same colours as hers, though his hair is shorter. He's also obviously male. His eyes are the same shade of amber. His robes are white with red trim. He also carries a wooden staff, unlike Milla.

Demeanor: More quiet and reserved than his twin, Bishop tends to be the voice of reason. Or he tries to, at least, and fails miserably because Milla usually tunes him out. Bishop also has a nasty tendency to get very zealous when it comes to religion. in [url=]this[/url] situation, just for a lazy example, he'd be giving Lancelot's response.

He's also noticeably more grounded in sanity than his sister, which he makes up for by being a stick in the mud.

Profession: Priest, Killjoy.

Notable abilities: Bishop is a White Mage, as suits his 'opposite of Milla' motif. Vocabulary lesson; while Black Mages draw power from lifestream, White ones draw their power from their chosen divinity, akin to DnD clerics, except there's only the one god(dess) except it comes in many different forms, and this sentence needs to die so I shall kill it with fire and also a period. Die, sentence, die. Besides that, he can do pretty much everything that she can, besides that. Except his god(dess) is back in his home dimension and thus his powers are rendered useless. However, he is just as smart as his sister, though not so mean about it and much more philosophical and pretentious.

Notable Objects: None in particular.

House: None yet

Background info: Basically, see Milla's. He's her twin brother. Basically, he went through most of the same things as her except he went into the clergy as opposed to school. He gradually rose through the ranks, and is a prodigy within the church. He's probably have gotten higher if it weren't for the fact that Milla dragged him along to go a-questin'.

Other info: None.

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