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A god/dess of gender change from the Discworld. Prefers to be called H unless you worship hir. Played by A Fan and, after boozing in the Interdimensional Bar, was placed in the first Discworld RP. After the death of that, ze was shunted via interdimensional portal of mysterious origin to the Mossy Knoll, where ze presently resides.


Ever since some dwarves decided to "come out of the chainmail" and embrace their femininity, some sentients have found themselves questioning whether they should be the gender they actually are. Naturally, a wisp of divinity who was feeding off scraps of uncertain belief in Ankh-Morpork's Temple of the Small Gods caught on to this trend and supplied a few ideas to a few impressionable mortals. Soon, word spread that hope for the gender-confused could be found in the understanding arms of Hermaphrambiguæ. Since it was a choice between faith in a new god or asking wizards to try something, most of the targetted audience went with the god.


According to the same sort of logic that puts crowbars in the boxes you open with them, only a neutral judge can truly determine what your proper gender should be. Therefore, belief has shaped H into quite possibly the most gender-confused being in the universe. His/her godly anatomy is in constant flux, like Ranma Saotome in a tub of boiling ice water. Surprisingly, H has managed to pull off a few gender changes, but since the changed person usually forgets about his/her godly benefactor, H has found it wiser to hoarde believers and perform the changes in an annual festival, and threatening those fortunate souls whose bodies get it right for once that the change will undo itself unless their worship continues. (True, but only if H's believers drop from dozens to a handful.)


H has discovered that the TF shop in the Mossy Knoll acts similarly enough to a dedicated temple to provide a power boost while ze is inside it. Ze has only one supplicant at the moment, and the two have just bought the shop from its previous owners.

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