Schalla (MKRP NPC)

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Name: Schalla (Last name unassigned)

Age: Between 18 and 28 (22 to 36 in foxkin years)

Sex: Female

Species: Native Foxkin

Profession: Bar Wench

First seen: Unknown.

Physical Attributes:

Surprisingly unassigned, unless I'm mistaken. We get good mileage out of the girl and we don't even know what she looks like.


Schalla is a warm and kind spirit, especially when she had a cold and brewed spirit in a glass for you. She is a good listener and is quite sensible. She knows how to have a good time too, but to the patrons of The Rex she is nothing but a tease at best.


Super serving powers, super hearing powers, super smelling powers (She's good at smelling other things, not making super smells herself. Unless she's wet. Or in heat. Or etc..).

Notable Possessions:



A room for herself at The Rex. (Permanent)




Where they are now:

Serving drinks at The Rex. She is in her own personal room at the Rex after work.

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