Rocky (MRKP NPC)

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Name: Rocky

Age: None

Sex: None

Species: Talking Rock.

Profession: Amateur Boxer

First seen: Fri Dec 30, 2005 12:19 am

Physical Attributes: Rocky is a sizeable hunk of granite; enough to need two arms to carry. He is indistinguishable from other rocks physically.


Rocky isn't very observant and speaks only when he has something to say. He is, however, a very determined and focused individual and strives for excellence.


Rocky can talk, without the use of telepathy, through inexplicable means.
Rocky can move, although how is unknown, as he only changes location when no one is looking. It is speculated that he may be subject to quantum physics. Or a ninja.

Noteable Possessions:

Rocky does not own anything.


Kraggi's house (Roommate)


To be added. Feel free to add, but make sure it is silly. This is one of Kraggi's characters after all.

Rocky's earliest memory is of "some character in a robe hitting me with a stick, and demanding water." Since Rocky had no water, he ignored him.
From there, he moved on, although nobody is sure how he did this. He did briefly exploit his talent once, working for a guy named Sloane, who called him "Teddy", and put him in a race, with a well-publicised bet. (The day after, a headline appeared in a local newspaper: "Sloane's Teddy Wins The Race".)
Rocky was slated to become a house, but ended up becoming room-mate to Kraggi, when he chose to make the house from the realtor instead of from him. To add insult to injury, in Rocky's own words "...she's a better house than I ever could have been..."


  • Rocky was basically a gag character made by Kraggi, but he will live on!
  • Rocky is a certified expert in naming things.

Where they are now:

With Kraggi gone, Rocky generally doesn't stay at Kraggi's house often. He does show up there rarely, though. The rest of his time is spent somewhere else in Mossy Knoll, but until found, it will remain undisclosed...

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