Regina (MKRP)

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Full Name: Regina

Age: Appears 12, actually much older

Species: God-blooded mortal

Sex: Female

Nationality: Elsewhere

Played by: Random_Sage


4’5”, with silver eyes, lightly tanned skin and long, emerald green hair, tied into a single braid. Build is athletic with a thin frame. Her ears are pierced and usually sport a pair of earrings set with oddly luminescent jade, and she has a silver question mark birthmark on her inner right ankle. Also, although it would only be noticeable to those with some supernatural sense, she has a noticeably strong, yet constantly fluctuating aura that does not at all fit her appearance.


Regina can shift from calm and serious to bubbly and childlike on a whim, although it’s sort of impossible to separate these two sides of her entirely, and shades of either tend to leak into each other. For the most part she seems extremely mature and intelligent for her apparent age, which considering she’s really several millennia old isn’t all that surprising, although she is fully capable of playing the innocent young girl if it suits her. She’s also a bit of a vigilante, always looking out for the little guy and willing to jump in to help those in need without a second thought.


Dimension hopper for fun and profit

Notable abilities


Regina has a photographic memory, and a virtual library worth of knowledge in her head. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, not in the highly trained style of a martial artist, but in the quick and brutal style of someone who has been in plenty of fistfights and has learned in the line of fire. She also has the odd trait of causing any outside magic directed at her to go haywire.


Regina’s deific blood grants her a considerable amount of magical ability, and she naturally has the magical potential of a trained archmage of considerable experience, and in her long life she has had plenty of time to learn how to best exploit it. Despite this, she doesn’t have the same inherent mastery over her power as a full deity would, so for the most part she stays away from the more complex magics.

Notable objects

Usual clothing includes a pair of cargo pants, a plain, colored t-shirt and a worn denim jacket. She also has a bag of infinite holding containing several centuries’ worth of items gathered over her travels.


Currently residing in Sage’s tower.


Regina is Sage’s daughter, born of a youthful indiscretion shortly after he began his tour of the multiverse following the destruction of his home plane. He at least was responsible enough to stick around and take responsibility… for a while anyway. Being young and impulsive he took off when she was 12, after at least making sure she would be taken care of and wouldn’t accidentally blow anything up with her God-blooded power, but leaving no way to contact him. After her mother died, she made it her mission to travel the multiverse and find her father, and maybe have some fun along the way. It’s not entirely clear whether she wanted to find Sage to make up for the time she lost after he left or to make him finally take responsibility and be a father after all these years. She’ll never tell, and from the way she acts it’s probably a mix of both. For a while it was hard to track him down, what with the infinite multiverse and Sage’s reluctance to stick around for too long, but now she’s finally tracked him down to Mossy Knoll.

Other information

• Any accusations that she chooses to look 12 because of lingering daddy issues are generally met with ludicrous violence.

• Her photographic memory and strange effect on magic are a result of her father’s domains of knowledge and chaos, respectively.

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