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'Age: Even he isn't entirely sure.

Sex: Male, presumably.

Appearance:Vaguely like this, only totally different. The outfit is more red in colour, and instead of the spear thingie, he has three swords on his back (two diagonally and one straight in the middle), and one on each side of his waist. They consist of, for the record, a katana (waist, left side); a rapier (waist, right side); a greatsword (back, middle); and two longswords (the diagonal ones). That's about it.

Demeanor: Gilgamesh is Gilgamesh. Really, that's the best I can do here. He only ever refers to himself in the third person, without use of pronouns. This isn't arrogance or conceit; it's just Gilgamesh being Gilgamesh. He refers to women as 'miss *insert name here*', and to men as 'sir *insert name here*'. Again, this is just Gilgamesh. It's who he is. There's no reason for what he does, and not even he's sure what's going through his head most of the time. The only thing that seems to be consistent is that he is very protective of Sapphire.

Profession: Enigma, swordsman, doofus.

Notable abilities: Gilgamesh always loses. In the most comical, non-lethal fashion possible. Unless his opponent threatens to harm, or actually harms Sapphire. In which case he suddenly becomes completely and totally unbeatable.

Gilgamesh is also totally and completely unkillable. this has something to do with the fact that he may or may not exist. It's complicated. Quantum is involved somehow, probably.

Goddamn Quantum.

Notable Objects: Four very dangerous magical swords, and one utterly useless one.

House: None yet.

Background info: Gilgamesh knows only two things about his past for sure. ONE; he is from the future! TWO; the one who sent him to the past is the only person ever to defeat him in one-on-one combat, a descendant of Sapphire's. And his, but he didn't know that at the time.

After getting sent back in time, he almost immediately encountered Milla, Bishop, and Saph, whom he mistook for her descendant and promptly tried to kill.

He failed, naturally. He then joined them on their quest of funness, and was instrumental in helping Saph save herself from dying at the hands of her Superpowered Evil Side. Then they fell in love, and are now secretly a couple. Couple or not, however, it was a really stupid idea to let him lead.

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