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All fields may not apply to you (and if they don't, erase them), nor do you have to reveal everything about your character. However, the more you put down here, the more ways people can interact with your characters.

Full Name: (Complete name)

Age: (Numerical value will work. If undead/reborn, separate the numbers and then total. If immortal, just say so)

Species: (Simple. State any partials as well.)

Sex: (If neutral or none, state which sex they more look like.)

Nationality: (This may play an important role later. If you're from outside this world, you're an 'Outsider', if you're from the wastes, you're a 'Wastelander' otherwise you already know what your are)

Played by: You


(height), with (color) eyes, (color) (skin type) and (Short, long, fancy, cropped, whatever), (color) hair. Build is (anemic/weak/normal/athletic/muscular/robust) with an (thin/average/heavy) frame. (Notable torso features, if any). (Notable leg/foot features, if any). (Notable arm/hand features, if any). (Notable tail/wing/whatever features, if any). (Any tattoos or Piercings).


(General disposition). (Reactions to stressful environments). (Reactions to fear). (Reactions to wrongdoings/vigilance). (Likes), and (Dislikes).


(All and any jobs they may have, even if not functional in Mossy Knoll. Perhaps a brief description as well.)

Notable abilities


(Notable non-magical abilities go here. Important!: Intrinsics, or auto-reflexive magic abilities go here, if they cannot be blocked by magic.)


(Any magical abilities, including passive abilities that can be blocked by antimagic/magic dampening, magic stoppage)

Notable objects

(Possessions of interest the character usually carries on themselves. Also any peculiar items they may not carry all the time. Otherwise None.)


(A link to the house, otherwise None. The Rex doesn't count as a house unless you are an actual permanent resident.) (Shops go here too.)


(Character History, as much as you wish to give.)

Other information

  • Any interesting quirks worth noting.
  • Join date, if you can find it.
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