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Kasjar's natural form is that of a 6'60 djinn. Dark purple skin tone, nearly as wide as he's high and hovering over the ground a few inched without legs. His hair is usually white and bound in an upward pony tail.

Regardless of form, he always wears two bracers of intricate design on his arms, starring multiple gems.


Having long ago lost the fear of all things, his actions now look outright chaotic. One simply cannot tell if there's an underlying scheme to his acts.

Notable abilities

As a demonic spirit he has basically two powers: shapeshifting and partial planar shifting, which allows him to hover through solid objects and move around nearly invisible. The shadow he drops while shapeshifted is a bit contorted.

Notable objects

Bracers: they adjust their size to his current form and serve as a power focus. Without them, his time on the physical plane is severly limited.


Not much is known about Kasjar, besides he is the only spirit who does not flee Ineluki's presence - much to Ineluki's discontent.

Kasjar had met Ineluki on the bard's earlier travels and could now find him again through the Deathmanse, which acts as a beacon on the spirit plane.

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