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Name: Milla Sinclaire

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Appearance: Tall, female anthrowolf. Milla is moderately pretty, but not that much above average (for a human). She has long, dark brown hair and short, light brown fur. Her eyes are a deep amber colour. She wears flowing, sky blue robes, usually paired with a tan coloured, wide brimmed hat.

Demeanor: Milla loves to have fun, fun here defined as Booze, sex, and occasional violence when things get really boring. Just so long as she isn't [i]involved[/i] in the violence, as she's also a pacifist (read; coward). Milla just likes to have fun, and to live life to the fullest. This tends to get her in trouble. Despite the fact that she often acts like a child, Milla is in fact very intelligent; her Adventuring is in fact part of the process of getting a doctorate in Magic Theory. However, you wouldn't know from looking at her. She's easygoing, fun loving, and somewhat amoral. In the Power Trio of Saph, herself, and Bishop, she's the Id. Has a tendency to start swearing in Lou when she gets frustrated; the language sounds vaguely German unless you actually speak German, in which case it sounds like gibberish.

She also has a habit of talking in tropes, and of casually ignoring the existence of the fourth wall.

Profession: Mage, Scientist, Party Animal.

Notable abilities: Milla is a competent Black Mage, though her forte is in theory as opposed to practical magic. Speaking of, terminology lesson time; on Gaia, magic is defined not by what it can do, but where it comes from. Black Magic is drawn from the 'lifestream' of the world around us. As such, it tends to be slightly more versatile, especially in situations that take the caster far from his or her native dimension. Milla has a handful of tricks she's really good at, and the rest that she really isn't. That didn't stop her from being a major asset in the battle against Sapphire's dark side; it doesn't pay to underestimate Milla's intelligence. Especially considering she has the claim to fame of having thought circles around her universe's equivalent of Azathoth. Not as impressive as Sapphire's ability to say she has punched Azathoth in the face, mind you, but still.

Milla also has the advantage of being incredibly genre savvy. This has saved her hind quarters on numerous occasions. She also seems to be aware of the fact that she's a fictional character, and often casually breaks the fourth wall without noticing. People look at her like she's a loony when this occurs.

Notable Objects: None of note.

House: None yet.

Background info: Milla's sister was a prominent Lou politician, and also totally off her rocker. Like a furry, female Hitler, basically. Wanting to get out of Lou before the inevitable s**tstorm, Milla turned to Higher Education as an excuse to go to Alexandria. She promptly proved to be one of the most promising students, and quickly rose through the degrees. However, it became apparent that she needed at least three years of Field Experience before she could officially get her Doctorate. So she hijacked her twin brother, Bishop, and went off to see the world. Upon encountering Sapphire, it took one look to determine that she was Special; she had Blue fur, for cryin' out loud. Milla came to the natural conclusion that obviously this was a sign that the three (Saph, Milla, and Bishop, if that wasn't clear) were destined to go on an epic quest to save the world. Or something. This strange notion was further cemented in her mind when, after Saph refused, the future Big Bad of the other major plotline showed up to lay waste to Saph's hometown. Yeah. Awkward. It was then that Milla determined that she was gonna grab hold of Saph and not let go.

This, naturally, annoyed Saph, who was as mentioned before dragged kicking and screaming by Milla into a whirlwind of ADVENTURE! For the longest time, Mill was the de-facto leader until Sapphire warmed up to the idea of adventuring, after having defeated an elder god by punching her in the face and giving a World Of Cardboard speech. Milla gladly let Saph take over as the group's leader, since Milla is not the best of leaders.

But at least she was never stupid enough to let Gilgamesh lead.

Other info: None of note.

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