Archie Walpole

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Full Name: Archibald Walpole, but prefers to be called Archie.

Age: 57.

Species: Human.

Sex: Male.

Nationality: Gal-Zaborian.

Played by: Amon Star.


5' 3", with brown eyes, white skin with a ruddy complexion and short and balding, brown but greying hair. Build is robust with an heavy frame. Generally dressed in fine waistcoats and Gal-Zaborian design. Archie looks like a cross between Winston Churchill and the Monopoly man, except that he's clean shaven.


Think Robber Baron. Arrogant, yet suave and charming; Traditional, yet dynamic; Selfish, yet patriotic and family oriented. Archie is also skilled in social manoeuvres, as well as financial, with an excellent knowledge of protocol and etiquette, always projecting the image of the proper Gal-Zaborian gentleman. However, fundamentally Archie only thinks about himself and views all situations in this light.

Archie never shouts or raises his voice, even when stressed. Also, the only things that really bother him are disrespect or social embarrassment, which really bothers him. He can become bossy and demanding in this situation, throwing his weight around and making various threat or demands at those who offend him. However, the threats are never violent, unless the offending party has already threatened to use/resorted to such.

Archie is brave in the face of danger, partly because of his faith but mostly because he fears being branded a coward even more. The thing he truly fears is social embarrassment, even through his actions or those associated with him, eg, family. The thought of stresses him out a lot.

Archie will generally stick his noise in other peoples business, but be polite about it. As such, he will deal with wrongdoing the way he deals with must things, ie, by making demands.

Archie likes fine food, wine and company, though not necessarily in that order. He is also fond of being in charge, or at least being considered important. Finally, people who laugh at his jokes and Ca'uks, mostly their females.

Conversely, Archie's big dislikes are disobedience, disrespect and Sage.


Archie is owner of Walpole Exports, though he's technically retired.

Notable abilities


Archie is a shrewd businessman and skilled orator, having one of those voices that carries well, even though he never raises it. He's also understands all North American accents, though his pronunciation and accent may not be to good, enough to hold a conversation. Being obsessed with protocol, he has a very good knowledge of cultural etiquette across the continent. Finally, he's a good shot, from his time as an officer in the GZ army.


Basic Yogamancy, like any GZ citizen.

Notable objects

His pocket watch. It's real gold, you know. Hand crafted, too, by one of the greatest watchmakers of all time. Just for him.

He also has a Platinum Insurance card.




After serving his national service, Archie joined the family business and soon clawed his way to the top. He then took an already successful business and made it the third most riches in the entire nation. He married Alice at the age of 38 and she bore him two children. Alas, an accident four year ago took her beyond even the reach of Yogamancy. Recently, he's retired and chose Mossy Knoll to spend his remaining years, before he returns home to serve the family.

Other information

  • Trivia: Despite being posh, he thinks complex names are stupid, one of the reasons he prefers Archie. He also has developed a grudge against Sage and will take any opportunity to undermine him. He also smokes expensive cigars. Finally, he has never hit his children, even Anne, and is completely against that kind of thing.
  • Join date: 30/7/2007
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