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Right, time for another update. New section this time, called Mayhem Forces. In this I'll include everything I control in Mayhem that isn't a PC. After all, no one reads this any more, so what's the harm?

BTW, I'm still me. And I still like EGS. And Justin. Hmm, Justin.

Anyway, I think I've said enough. Lets move on to the next section.

Character List

OK then. And now, as promised, my list of Mayhem Specific Characters. As a free bonus I'll also mention the RP they're used in.

Mayhem Forces


This is a bonus section. Here you can leave comments either about this page or me in general.

  • GLOMP Hey Amon :P thanks for finally making a page one thing thought you can put stars in to the lists so there easer to read. Kgirl1992
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