Kitten Collective Yarn Sphere

From Egs Mayhem

Basic Description

The Kitten Collective are a furry Borg parody created by Tangent. As such, they fly around in massive Balls of Yarn. One of these was given to me during the Chibi Time War, however, it isn't directly under the control of either Mark or Samuel. Yet, anyway.

Physical Description

The Sphere is a 100km diameter ball of Yarn. At rest, anyway. In battle mode Yarn Strings, each up to 10km long, unfold from it to attack and ensnare. Also, it can extend a huge straw up to 50km in length.


The Kitten Collective have two main powers. The first is defensive and allows them to adapt to any attacks used against them. The second is offensive and makes the ribbons they use super strong and tough, so that even, say, a Kyptonian, can be restrained by them. The exact strength is based on how many Kittens are present.

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