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(Note: Number in brackets refers to the numbered location on the map.)

Abandoned House (21)

Ann Pertchin's House (3) <-- Blank template for ease of use. Do Not override, please. I'll fill it in last.

Author Bros Bakery (19) <-- Use this as a reference for Shops.

Children of the Scribe's Base

Clothing Store (1d)

Sells clothes and is run by Patricia. Is open 24/7, with Zombies doing the night shift.

Deathmanse (2) <-- Use this as a reference for Houses.

-Below this point still needs reworked.

Freek's House (5)

Freek's house, where Freek and Eshli live. ...and Grim and Atescu bum off of.

The Graveyard (16)

Where dead people go. Or at least their bodies. Unless they're used again. It's kinda disturbing how so many people have died and there's barely any bodies in the grave yard. We can't even blame VOR.
But we do anyway. It's VOR's fault.

Grocery Store (1e)

It sells Groceries, is staffed by zombies and is open 24/7. What more do you need to know?

HomerNet's House (23)

HomerNet's house. Where HomerNet (permanently stuck in Ranma-chan form) and HelenNet (still pregnant with Squato's child) live.

The Jail (15)

Should somebody do something horrid (IC or OOC, take your pick), there's a place for them to go. This rather unpleasant place drains those imprisoned within it of all magical, divine, or demonic powers, and bleeds off their life force to keep them complacent. It's a very un-nice place to be.

Kraggi's House (8)

A zombified house made completely out of a person. Don't ask how or why, it's Kraggi.

Likal's Burrow (22)

A small unvisited burrow of Likal. Poor Likalhole. Unloved.

Lomgren's House (4)

Home of Lomgren. Map

MaRIA's Ship (14)

Medical Clinic (18)

A small brick walled clinic adorned with a big red cross on the front.


The Park (17)

For... walky people.

Post Office (1b)

The town's Post Office. How mail is delivered to and from the town is unknown. The only entrance faces away from the Town Square.

Random Sage's Tower (9)

Big tower, full of Sagedness. Also a number of kitties live there with him.

Redstone Lake

It's a lake, with red stones in it. Also contains Sanchay's Cave and the Tower of Vor.

The Rex (1c)

The town's hotel/pub/tavern/watering hole. Open 24/7. Located in a corner of the Town Square. Owned by Squato, and run by various NPCs. The only entrance opens onto the path.
Take note that Squato doesn't actually play the NPCs, so it's your own responsibility to feed yourself. Consider it self-service by proxy.
There are two named NPCs working there. They are "Schalla" and "DeSpectre".
Recently, a strange contraption made out of junk has been erected on the roof. It looks a bit like an anti-air gun.

Roan's House/Blue Cloud Inn (6)

The House that Roan Built. Roan lives there, along with Art, Drayco, Marlee, Lee, and possibly others. Now an inn/hotel/boarding house. Dimensional travellers welcome.

Sanchay's Cave

Small cave, not so full of Sanchayness.

Sera's Ship - No longer in MKRP

A Gummi ship that recently smooshed itself near the lake. May contain one Sera.

Squato's House (11)

Squato's Property. Resting on an escarpment near the Lake.

TF Shop and barbers (1h)

Contains a lot of TF technology, except TF grenades. There's currently an elephant sized whole where the front door used to be, which faces away from the Town Centre.

The Town Square (1)

The center of the town. Has lots of shops. They all open onto both the square and the path, apart from the book store, the post office and the TF Shop, which only open on to the path. Map

Underground Silo/Bunker/City

Conveniently located directly below the fountain is an old Soviet missile silo. Below the silo is a large bunker designed to keep quite a number of soldiers alive for two years in the event of a nuclear war. Below the bunker is a small city designed to keep a number of Soviet leaders and their families alive indefinitely.
Unfortunately, the city is infested with something very, very bad, and nobody has gotten around to cleaning it. Complicating the matter is the nature of the infestation; not only does it drain loose energy very quickly causing spells to fizzle, but it acts as a black hole of the dead - anybody who dies within it will be trapped there until retrieved or the effect collapses.

Vor's Tower (10)

A tower in the middle of the lake. Home of Lora Rudonkitz.
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