Sally (MRKP NPC)

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Name: Sally Shamrin Havencrick

Sex: Female

Age: 19 (17 living, 2 dead)

Species: Human Zombie

Profession: Doctor's Receptionist/Nurse.

First seen: Unknown.

Physical Attributes:

5'6" with a slightly thinner frame. Very pale complexion, long, straight black hair (mid-back in length), and milky white eyes with a dark brown/black iris. Slightly large nose. B+ cup. No tattoos or scars. Usually wears a low-collared blouse and light-colored thick-cloth pants. Very well kept.


Sally is a relatively happy person. She is kind and friendly to strangers, and remains polite even when talking to someone she dislikes. She doesn't handle stress too well and can sometimes be a little airheaded or unobservant. She is patient, but isn't very persistent and tends to take the easy route to do things. She prefers quiet and takes time to think her options through.



Notable Possessions:







She's a gold class Zombie.

Where they are now:

Sally works at the local Clinic, as a receptionist and nurse. She has some medical training, so can deal with minor ailments herself, but anything else will be past to a Doctor.

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