Quinton (MKRP NPC)

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Name: Quinton Jeremiah Abagale

Age: 7 Living, 30 Dead. 37 Total.

Sex: Male

Species: Human Zombie

Profession: Detective

First seen: Sunday Jun 21, 2009 - Page 854, Post 20

Physical Attributes:

4'3", with bluish, cloudy eyes, very pale skin and short, messy light-brown hair. Build is normal (for a 7-year old) with an thin frame. He has no piercings or tattoos.


Honest and caring, but manipulative and slightly world-weary. He has no problem saying how he sees things or telling it how it is, but he makes sure not to hurt anyone's feelings in the process. He tends to take on the guise of a gullible young boy whenever he's on a job, but generally drops the act when it isn't useful. He has a good sense of justice and can become heavily guilt-wracked and stressed if forced to do anything against his morals. He enjoys deducting things, and keeps an open mind and sharp eye by nature. In times of stress or heavy emotion, he may suffer from emotional breakdowns due to him chronically having to deal with the emotions of a seven year old.





He can displace himself, altering his perceived location a few yards in any direction he wishes. This only affects optical vision, however, and any other sensory will not be fooled.

Noteable Possessions:







  • Participates in the mobbing for waste monsters when the times arise.

Where they are now:

Last seen: Town Square.

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