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Name: Rivelle Karill

Age: 20

Sex: Female


Height: 5'3"

Weight: Unknown, as the last time Rivelle stepped on a scale she threw it away to make sure she wouldn't make that mistake again.

Build: Curvy but also rather pudgy, looking somewhat like someone took a tall, averagely-built woman and squished her down to Rivelle's height. Call her fat, however, and you'll receive a scathing lecture about how not only is she not fat, but you, in fact, are too thin.

Skin Tone: Pale Caucasian, with a few freckles. No, she doesn't tan well.

Hair Color/Length: Mid-back length hair, bright (like a crayon) red-orange at the roots, gradually darkening to black at the tips.

Eye Color: Green

Clothing: Currently wearing a deep burgundy robe with white trim (and fairly nondescript clothing underneath) and tan shoes. Rivelle also wears a lot of jewelry: several rings, bracelets on both wrists, earrings, and a thin necklace. Why she hasn't yet tried to pawn that stuff if she needs money so bad remains a mystery.

Demeanor: Rivelle has a high opinion of herself; she thinks- no, knows-that she is capable of great things, but rarely if ever wants to put in the effort to allow such things to happen. As such, she often comes off as cocky, arrogant, and wholly unable to uphold any of her claims. The fact that she'll lie about anything and everything if she thinks she'll get away with it doesn't help matters.

Profession: In her old world, Rivelle was an enchanter's apprentice, which basically meant the gruntwork of the business: carving wands, polishing rods and orbs, repairing fractures in small magical items, etc. She could enchant, but was rarely given the opportunity. In Mossy Knoll, however, she no longer considers herself an apprentice, taking on the title of a wandcrafter.

(Author's note: If you buy something from her, it's up to you whether it works as intended, or at all. Keep that in mind.)

Notable abilities: Rivelle is a mage who boasts a wide variety of spells in her repertoire, however, the spells she can claim to cast, the ones she can feasibly cast and the ones she can reliably cast are three different, increasingly inclusive lists. While her author does not want to provide a comprehensive list of her spells as he does not want to remain shackled to whatever he writes down, keep in mind that she'll rarely if ever have the right power for the situation unless it's incredibly mundane.

Rivelle is also capable of enchanting a wand with any spell she can cast, however, an unreliable spell makes for an unreliable wand, which is why the above disclaimer is in place.

Notable Objects: As of right now, nothing. Her jewelry might look magical, but that's as far as it goes.

House: Rivelle has, ahem... taken up residence in an unoccupied house near the Deathmanse. Right now it's merely a typical example of Gal-Zabor architecture, but in time it may be given a more personal touch.

Background info: Rivelle boasts that she is a direct descendant of Augeph Karill, a powerful wizard that was known less for her spells than her words, as she negotiated peace talks between human and elven relations and was one of the key figures in ending centuries of cold war between the two races. This is technically accurate; however, no one but Rivelle herself expects anything to come from it. Six generations is a long time to dilute the blood, after all, and neither of Rivelle's parents were wizards. In fact, the surname Karill isn't her real one; she merely took it as her own after learning about her ancestry. In fact, this discovery has likely been more of a hindrance than anything else, as she expects that anything arcane will come to her easily with little effort.

Rivelle arrived in Mossy Knoll after botching a wand meant for interplanar travel, but after considering her options has little desire to go home. After all, back home she was just a lowly apprentice, but here she could have a fresh start. Hey, if she can make sales with her business, somehow avoid notice that she's squatting in an unoccupied house, and avoid getting on the wrong people's nerves, she might just manage to not starve to death. There might even be chances for adventure along the way.

Other info: Rivelle is loosely based on (and at times a parody of) a D&D wizard, specifically 3.5, and her old home kingdom, New Corstine, is much like a campaign setting. This isn't relevant most of the time, as experience, hit points, alignment, etc. are alien concepts to her and she doesn't have a stat block (which is probably for the best, since her DEX and CON scores would both be single digits). However, many of her spells will be augmented versions of those taken from the SRD, if not ripped directly out.

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