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Full Name: Daniel Walpole.

Age: 17

Species: Human. (Zombie).

Sex: Male.

Nationality: Gal-Zaborian.

Played by: Amon Star.


5' 8" (but looks shorter due to slouch), with green eyes, pale, zit free skin and short, brown hair. Build is athletic with an thin frame. He has a number of nasty emo-looking scars on his arm, which is why he always wears long sleeved clothes. When not dressed in his ceremonial robes, he prefers Elledian t-shirts and denim trousers.

Zombie Daniel looks similar, as he hasn't started to decompose. However, he has a vacant look about him at all times.


Daniel is a shy and studious type, very meek and submissive, who speak in a quiet voice. When stressed, or in most forms of confrontation, he will retreat into himself. This is also how he deals with fear, though of course has the standard Elledian attitude towards death. Finally, due to his timid nature, he will generally not get involved in any wrongdoing or injustice he sees. The exception to all this is his sister, Anne, who he he will get angry with. A lot, in fact.

His greatest love is knowledge, particularly mystical, which he approaches with a dedicated and scientific attitude. Conversely, he dislikes social interact with the living, much preferring the either his own company or that of the dead/undead.

Zombie Daniel is quiet and obedient.


Daniel is an initiate in the Church of Sanje. Though low ranking, he has been officially ordained, therefore has the authority to carry out some ceremonies and functions of a priest.

Zombie Daniel does what he's told.

Notable abilities


Daniel Yogamancy means in good physical conditions, despite his apparent frailty. In particular, he has a high resistance to physical pain, is quite flexible and has a lot of stamina. He also has accompanying mental discipline. Just think of someone who does a lot of yoga.

Zombie Daniel is a zombie.


Daniel has his Yogamancy and his Necromamcy. Specifically, he can do the following spells reliably.

  • Inflict Pain: With but a touch, Daniel can cause the muscles of the effected body part to seize up. This is the equivalent of a bad cramp and will generally last about half a minute.
  • Healing the Dead: With enough time, Daniel can completely restore a Zombie of anything but damage to the central nervous system, even regenerating tissue if necessary. As an example, completely regrowing an arm would take an hour, but reattaching it would be a lot easier.
  • Knock Out: Again with a touch, Daniel can sometimes knock someone out. Sometimes being the operative word, as it rarely works. However, if it did then it would last a minute, during which time only magically healing could bring them around.
  • Reanimation: Daniel can animate any human or smaller sized animal as a Gold Class Zombie, or anything bigger or sentient as a Standard Class Zombie. Former takes about an hour, while the latter half that. This being a Yogamantic Ritual, the Zombies are non aggressive.
  • Command Undead: Daniel can control a number of Zombies equal to one and a half humans in size. With works by effecting the Undead tissue itself, not the mind or spirit. (Assuming the Zombie in question has either.)

Zombie Daniel lost the ability to use his magic when he became a zombie.

Notable objects

Daniel has quite an extensive book collection, mostly on the mystic arts of various traditions, but there are some that include religion, science, etc. He also owns Yogamantic robes and other tools of a priest of Sanje. This includes a very sharp and scary looking knife.

He also has a Platinum Insurance card.

Other Daniel has all of Zombie Daniel's stuff. They do share clothes, though.




Daniel is a natural born Gal-Zaborian. He's the first born of Archie, though isn't set to inherit the family business because he is totally not suitable for it. However, this is one of the few times when he and his father agree, as Daniel wouldn't want the family business anyway and Archie sees no shame in his son becoming a powerful priest.

Daniel has lived all his life dominated by his father. Though he often disagrees with him, he never confronts him, always meekly giving in and avoiding confrontation. He does sometime try to persuade his father, such as how moving to Mossy Knoll would be bad for his training, but always in a half-hearted way and gives up at the first hurdle anyway. However, as a result he has never been punished, so technically has a lot higher standing in the family than Anne.

Zombie Daniel is the spare body of Daniel, animated by Daniel as a standard Yogamantic zombie.

Other information

  • Trivia: The reason Daniel doesn't have acne is thanks to some expensive healing magic.
  • Trivia: Zombie Daniel was originally killed by petrification, then de-petrification.
  • Join date: 30/7/2007.
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