George Max Starr (MKRP NPC)

From Egs Mayhem

Name: George Max Starr

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Nationality: Gal-Zaborian, but originally from Nova Europa.

Profession: Waiter at Diner

First seen: 28-9-2010

Physical Attributes:

A well built man, with glasses, green eyes, a shaved head and a Colonel Sanders style ginger beard and moustache. Likes to dress smartly and in a way that conceals his muscles.

Currently transformed into a male drider.


Shy, studious and a health freak. Is obsessed with healthy eating a likes to work out. Wants to be a chef one day. Finally, he's bisexual.


Has some minor magically abilities

Noteable Possessions:

His glasses.


Somewhere I would imagine.


He moved to Gal-Zabour when he discovered his magic. Has been trying to pay of that debt ever since. came to Mossy Knoll because he heard the pay was good, but now has a second debt to pay.


Is very near sighted and afraid of spiders. (How ironic)

Where they are now:

Just arriving at the Clinic.

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