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Name: Sera Trusdai

Age: 18

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Nationality: Outsider (Kingdom Hearts)

Joined: Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:21 pm

Last seen: Unknown (Needs finding)


6'0" with brown, straight hair and deep blue eyes. She has an athletic build and a B+ cup chest. She generally wears a blue sweatshirt with long sleeves which fan out at the ends, grey jeans that fan out at the bottom of the legs, and gooey looking shoes that hold three pieces of armor on them. She also has a left shoulder pauldron that has straps across her chest and back to keep it in place.


I'll leave this open for Atashi. It's a released character so she has nothing to hide anyway.



Notable abilities:

Can summon a keyblade, as well as several spells. Naturally she can cast low-level fire, blizzard, Aero, thunder, and cure spells at touch distance only. With the keyblade at hand her powers are a bit more potent.

She can also craft just about anything from gummi blocks.

Notable Objects:

Has a summonable keyblade. Not much detail given.


Sera's Spaceship

Background info:

She was a bit of an interdimenional traveler, traveling for the sake of adventure. Her landing into MKRP, however, has left her a bit stranded, and she will be staying a while whether she likes it or not.

Where they went:

Sera was working on the ship when a portal opened in the wastes just outside her ship. It showed a view of her home world, and after a moment of her gazing upon it, it sucked the entire gummiship in. She was never heard from again.

Other info:

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