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Transporting obscene material is not legal. As the only obscene material transportation cases involving written material that have been successfully prosecuted are related to underage sex, such material is no longer permitted. All such content should be edited or removed. Removing this disclaimer will not alter the legality of posting underage sex stories, but may result in you being banned from posting on this site.

For those who wish to read or write such stories, a lolicon/shotacon website has created a similar wiki story system catering to underage stories. Please feel free to visit


Story Number Of Pages Notes
A Sadistic Rapist's Adventure 0 (Public)
Sanders Sides Story 1 (Public)
Samantha's Naughty Day 0 (Public)
Sarah's Story WIP (Public) (Edit and add on to this at will. Just don't hold anything back. Anything goes.)
Sasha Bozic 1 (Private)
Saturday Afternoon 2 (Private)
Scars of Nimon(Gay Fantasy) 77 (Private)
Schoolboy Adventure W.I.P (Private)
The School Bus 0 (Do Not Edit) (Private) (Check it out and give me feedback)
School Full'a Sluts 0 (Private)
School Fun 72 (Public)
School of Gay 37 (Public)
School Sluts 14 (Do Not Edit)
Scooby Doo Sex incorporated 0 (Public)
Der Schulleiter 105 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 1/31/2014, only 4 pages.
The Scourge of the Gods 6 (Private)
The Second American Civil War 51 (Public)
Secrets 18 (Public)

I- ISelection of storiesI II 0 II (Private) II

Serenity 445 (Do Not Edit) just hit over 400 pages! ------ 1 story finished!
Sex Adventure 49 (Do Not Edit)
Sexuelle Abenteuer eines Vorstadtjungen  ? (Do Not Edit)
Sex in Ancient Rome 10 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 1/11/2014, only 7 pages.
Sex Ed 0 (Do Not Edit)
SexMaster 3000 11 (Do Not Edit)
Sex School 9 (Public)(-but any contributions with poor grammar will be immediately deleted)
Sex and other Addictions 5 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 12/15/2013, only 5 pages.
Sex World 149 (Public), but bad articles will be removed. PLEASE EDIT!
(Sexual) Adventures in Pokemon Training 6 (Private)
Sex Zombies 0 (Do Not Edit)
The Sexual Adventures of You 153 (Public)
Sexual School 2 (Public)
Sexy Board Games 4 (Private)
Sexy World 0 (Do Not Edit)
Shang Tsung's Harem 30 (Public)
A Shemale Adventure 13 (Do Not Edit)
Shemale story 2 public
Shemale Fun 336 (Do Not Edit) numerous complete endings
Shin Calibur 9 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 2/9/2014, only 9 pages.
Shop assistant 5 (Public)
Short Bursts 7 Honestly, not sure what to call this. It is a WIP experiment right now. While I probably will put sexual content in it at some point, it is not a sex story. Again, not sure what it is...right now, the only existing bursts are horror.
Sibling Games WIP (Public) A sister convinces her brother to have sex
Sibling Fun WIP (Private) A brother has fun with his siter
Sibling Rivalry WIP (Public)
Sieged 9 (Public)
Silly Busty Girls 16 (Do Not Edit)
Silver (bi/gay) 0 (Private)
The Simpsons 37 (Public)
Sissies Adventure 9 (Public)
Sissies love black cock 208 (Public)
Sissified & Enslaved 3 (Private)
sisters 4 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 11/30/2013, only 4 pages.
Sister Complex 24 (Public)
Sisters Love 19 (Private)
Sisters and other Victims 46 (Public)
The SKP Foundation 2 (Do Not Edit)
Skyrim: A Sexual Adventure 16 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 8/13/2013, only 4 pages.
Slasher 102 (Public)
Slave story W.I.P (Private)
The Slave Mansion 10 (Public)
Slaves Life 32 (Do Not Edit) (Adopted) Adopted by Durzan.
Slave Market 4 (Do Not Edit)
Slave to the Mist 44 (Public)
Sleepover 3 (Public)
The Slut 3 (Public)
Slut Galaxy 12 (Private)
Slutty Life 7 (Do Not Edit)
Smutty Sex Romp 18,289 (Public)(-but any contributions with poor grammar will be immediately deleted)
Sensuality(Gay) 2 (Private)
Snuff(Gay)(vore) 118 (Public)
Son Fun WIP (Public)
SpaceShip5EX 50 (Do Not Edit)
Space Station Bordello 114 Template:Private for now
Spanking Celebs 1 (Private)
Spanking Centre Adventure 2 (Private)
Special Agent 0069 8 (Do Not Edit)
Species 18 (Do Not Edit)
Sports day 0 (Public) (Looking for contributors to story and sexual scenes. Check the edit tab for info.)
Sports Team Orgy 1 (Public) (Get contributing!)
Spy Satellite 3749. First Mission 0 (Private)
Soccerteam Soccerteam (Public)
Solitude Academy 14 (Private)
Sonic Girls ENF 246 (Public) Read Discussion page on first page for important rules!
SSS 16 (Private)
Stalker 189 (Public)
Stalking RHS Sluts 10 (Private)
Star Girl Fighters Erotic Noval Diary: Stories Fantasy 16 (Do Not Edit)
Star Trek: Jadzia's Adventure 81 (Do Not Edit) (Ask here if you would like to add)
Star Trek: A Night with Troi 35 (Public)
Star Trek: Jayluh's story 0 (Public)
Star Wars: An Empire's Future 0 (Private)
Star Wars: Escape from Echo Base Wip (Public)
Star Wars: Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure W.I.P. (Public)
Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga 2,288 (Public)
Star Wars: Cynthia's legacy 0 (Private)
Story For Moi  ? (Private)
The Stars That Led Me Here (Furry) 0 (Do Not Edit)
Stellar Expanse WIP (Public)
Stranded in the Wilderness 5 (Private)
Stranded on a Deserted Island 9 (Public) Specific editing rules
Streaker 11 (Public)
Street Fighter 0 (Public)
Strip Poker 13 (Public)
The Story of Jack Foster 199 (Public)
Stuck in the Elevator 20 (Private)
Stupid sexy kids! 104 (Public)
Submissive Girlfriend WIP (Private)
Submissive Slut's Birthday 0 (Public)
Subverse 21 (Public)
Succubus Adventures 0 (WIP)
Suckubus 3 (Public) But do try to write well.
Summer Fun 5 (Public)
Summer Party 38 (Public)
Super Power Fantasy 14 (Public)
Super Powered Exotic Life 3 (Public)
Super Sex Adventure 2 (Public) Pit watchlist, last i 9/6/2013, only 2 pages.
Superhero? 81 (Public)
Superheroines 3 (Private)
Supershifter 14 (Public)
Survive 21 (Public)
Survival Story 65 (Public)
Survival Z 0 (Public)
Swat Kats life of felina feral 1 (Do Not Edit)
Sword Art Online WIP (Public)
Sword Art Online: Lustful World 0 (Public) Contribution with poor grammar will result in removal Please read and help expand!
Sex Slaves Serving 1 (Private)
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