Stellar Expanse

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Sliding soundlessly back into real-space, the Babylon Armada glided across the Sylus Expanse, in search of a new place, anywhere to call home. Home... it felt so strange saying that word, almost as though it had lost all meaning. Home seemed like a mystical place of legend by now, something that even with the cryo pods, felt like it was long gone. Long gone it was, thanks In no small part to the treacherous Levant and the GREAT ENEMY of whom they conspired with.

Foreshadowed by the sudden disappearance of first ships, then entire fleets. Earth command began to lose contact with every colony outside of the solar system, until at last, the Amorites came lumbering out of the void. Great gargantuan spacecraft crept into the Sol system, decimating everything and everyone in its path, completely unstoppable. A listening post on Pluto was entirely vaporized, the He-3 mines on Saturn and Jupiter were left in ruins, and the dome cities of Mars were now debris.

It was the year 2313 when the last space station had fallen, leaving the Amorites to set their sight on Earth, the only resistance being a few defiant civilian fighters and freighters standing in their path. The United Nations Defense Council ordered any and all remaining Naval vessels to form in a cluster around the Earth, it was imperative that the GREAT ENEMY was delayed as long as possible. An obscure scientist suddenly rose to prominence when he offered a potential way to save the planet; Dr Eridu, a xenoarcheologist, believed that he could reverse engineer tech from a dead alien race to produce a hard-light shield around the entire planet.

The remainder of the UNDC fleet attempted to hold a last stand just outside the moon. Yet this later became a desperate struggle to buy time for the barrier of Dr Eridu to be completed. It was a complete massacre, multiplied by the fact that Vice Admiral Sargon sent his one-of-a-kind flagship straight into the warp, as the enemy fleet came into view. However, the delay was not in vain, as the project was completed just in time, a protective bubble enveloped Earth. While the planet celebrated and hailed the Doctor as a hero to the entire race, a small colony on the moon named 'Armstrong' was glassed out of anger, the target had been lost and the plasma fire scorched the colony until it was nothing but a blackened crater upon the sky. Yet for now at least, the world was saved, yet many would consider if this protection was Earth's saviour or it's prison.

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