Sibling Games

From Create Your Own Story

You are 19 years old and just like any other 19 year old healthy male; your sex life is great when you can get some. Unfortunately, that is not often enough for you. In fact, you have hit a rough patch lately and it has been ages since your dick has had anything more than your imagination and hand to take care of business.

Your sister is a year younger and just starting college, which is the polar opposite of you. You work part time, but hate it. You can’t find full time work, which means you have to live with your parents, paying a little rent. This is something you don’t mind, since your parents leave you alone and treat you like a tenant, rather than a son. So their rules do not apply to you. There is no curfew, no rules about girls in your room.

Currently, you are sitting at home alone, watching TV. Your parents are not due back for hours and you have the house to yourself. You hear a knock on the door and look out the window. Your sister is standing there with an overnight bag in hand.

You open the door and she gives you a hug, saying, “How is my big brother?”

You respond, “Just fine, sis? Don’t you have classes?”

She smiles as she lets herself in. Then says, “Not for the next couple of days, so I thought I would come by and visit. Are mom and dad here?”

You close the door and lock it. Then say, “Nope. They’re out and won’t be back for hours.”

She gets a smile on her face, and then says, “Good. I like to spend quality time with my bro.”

You get a look of confusion on your face. She has never wanted to spend time with you before. She is up to something. “Since when?” you ask.

Your sister says, “Since always, bro. You are my brother and we should spend time together. Sorry if it hasn’t always seemed that way.”

You are not certain what your sister wants, but decide not to push the matter. You say, “Good to see you, sis.”

“Good to see you too.” She gives you a hug, which is much tighter than it should be, and lasts longer as well.

You try to think of something to say as she releases you, then you remember she was trying to get into some sorority. “Any luck getting into the sorority?” you ask.

Your sister gets a grin on her face, but you don’t know why. Then says, “Just about. I only need to do one more thing to get in.”

You say, “Congratulations. I know how much you want to be in the sorority.”

Your sister says, “Thanks, but I am not in yet. This last thing is a tough one.”

With concern, you ask, “What do you have to do?”

She says:

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