SG/It’s nothing really

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She gives you a smirk, and says, "It's nothing really difficult, or anything like that. The hard part is already done. I just need a little help with one last thing, and I am in."

You have seen that smirk countless times, and know it is nothing good. You look at her, knowing that something is going on, and ask defensively, "What is it?"

The smirk remains as she says, "Everyone trying to get in to the sorority has a brother, and we all need to play some games with our brothers. No big deal, right."

You know there is something else going on, and press her by asking, "What kind of games?"

The smirk on her face fades as she says, "Children's games, like Simon Says and Hide and Seek. Easy stuff."

Considering it is your sister saying these things, you know there is a catch. You look at her with your best poker face and say, "All of the girls have to play games with their brothers, and your sorority is known for its hell week. There is no way it would be that simple. What do you really have to do?"

She throws up her arms in surrender as she says, "You're right, brother, there is more to it than just playing games. In order for me to get in, the games have to be sexual in nature."

You get a look of shock on your face as you try to make sense of what she said. "What do you mean, sexual in nature? You're my sister. I couldn't possibly do anything sexual with you."

She shakes her head and says, "Not like that. It is just simple stuff, like Simon Says take your shirt off, or Hide and Seek in our underwear. No big deal, really. Besides, if we don't, then I cannot get in. Will you help me?" she asks with pleading in her eyes.

You are not comfortable with the idea at all. Sex and your sister are two things that have never crossed your mind at the same time, and you have no interest in changing that now. On the other hand, your sister is asking for help. If you don't go along, then she will not get in to the sorority.


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