SG/Spend time with my brother

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She looks at you and says, “I just need to spend some time with you.”

You get defensive and say, “That really is tough. The horror of spending time with your brother.”

Your sister shakes her head, then says, “I didn’t mean it like that. What I mean is we have to play some games.”

Still stinging from the perceived insult, you ask, “What kind of games?”

Your sister does not answer right away. Then says, “Normal games like dare, poker, spin the bottle, stuff like that.”

You are in shock. You can’t believe what you just heard. “Did you say spin the bottle?”

Your sister says calmly, “Yes.”

You still can’t believe it. “Spin the bottle with me, your brother?”

Again, your sister says calmly, “Yes. Spin the bottle with you or strip poker. In order for me to get into the sorority, we have to.”

You have never played spin the bottle, but think you know the rules. “Don’t you have to kiss the person it lands on? I can’t kiss my sister like that.”

Your sister says, “Not that kind of spin the bottle. We have to remove articles of clothing until one of us is naked, just like strip poker.”

You shake your head and say, “I am not getting naked in front of my sister. That is wrong.”

She looks at you with a pleading in her eyes, saying, “Please, brother. It is the only way. The first game has to be either spin the bottle or strip poker. One of us has to be naked at the end of the game.”

You don’t like it, but ask, “Are you sure it is the only way?”

She smiles and says, “It is the only way. Everyone that is trying to get into the sorority has a brother. They are all doing this exact same thing right now.”

Do you:

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