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Transporting obscene material is not legal. As the only obscene material transportation cases involving written material that have been successfully prosecuted are related to underage sex, such material is no longer permitted. All such content should be edited or removed. Removing this disclaimer will not alter the legality of posting underage sex stories, but may result in you being banned from posting on this site.

For those who wish to read or write such stories, a lolicon/shotacon website has created a similar wiki story system catering to underage stories. Please feel free to visit


Story Number Of Pages Notes
E.V.E. 29 (Private)
Ebony Fun 6 (Public) 18 year old man lives out fantasy with new neighbor
Elfen Lord 38 (Private)
Eagle Academy 13 (Private)
The Echidna Tale 43 (Public)(Monster girl, transformation)
Elven Lands 39 (Do Not Edit)
Emma's Story 13 (Private)
Embarrassing Day 172 (Private)
EMP 6 (Private)
Empire of the lost 7 (Private)
Enchantress 68 (Public)(Futa)
The End of the World 584 The apocalypse is upon you. Can you survive AND save the girl?
The End of the World 2 211 (Public) (Edit if you want, after playing first.)
The End Times 4 (Private)
Equestria Tales 20 (Private)
Eros Academy 13 (Private)
Erotic Fanfiction 180 (Public)
Erotic Life 31 (Public)
The Exciting Adventure 102 A story revolving around exposure and embarrassment involving supernatural things. (WARNING: Includes scat - though for humiliation purposes with no digestion)
The Exhibitionist 30 (Public) Please do not edit the story content, but please DO add options.
Ex-tasy 15 (Public)
Extraordinary Life of a Not So Common Teenager 68 (Public)
Exotic Island 2 (Do Not Edit)
Exposed 6 (Public)(, Must make sense and be realistic, try to use proper grammar, DO NOT edit any existing content and NO DEATH SCENES)
Expose your Heart 12 (Private)
Exploring As Myself Template:Exploring As Myself (Private)
Everyday Incubus 0 (Public)
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