Ebony Fun

From Create Your Own Story

At 18, you have known plenty of guys that like to watch white chicks getting fucked by black guys, but not you. You prefer to see black chicks getting banged by white guys. You have seen everything there is to see, from handjobs to anal, and you never get tired of seeing it. The only problem is, it has to remain a fantasy. You don't know any black chicks, so the opportunity has never presented itself.

Then fate knocks on your door, as least the door of the empty house next door to you. Someone moves in and you are excited to find it is not just one black chick, but three. They are all very dark, which is even better. There is nothing better than seeing pink pussy on a really black chick. One is older than you by far, and looks like a chocolate MILF. The other two appear to be sisters. One looks about your age, and the other looks younger than you. You don't see any guys at all, so you guess it is a MILF and her daughters.

There is a moving truck parked in front and you watch as they struggle to take things from the truck into the house. This is your opportunity. You head outside and offer to help, which is received with smiles and thank yous from all three of them.

You find out the MILF's name is Betsy and she is the mother of Sandra, who is 18, and Mona, who is 14. She doesn't look 14 to you. Being this close to the three of them is even better than you thought it would be, and are struggling to keep from getting a hard on.

You decide to help:

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