The End of the World 2

From Create Your Own Story

It had been a normal Friday night. Nothing much out of the ordinary. You left work tired, made a quick stop at the gym to try and hit the treadmill for a bit, then went home and hit the shower. Settling onto the sofa, you flipped on the television and perused the multitude of channels that seemed to go on forever with endless amounts of unwatchable crap. You consider doing something,picking up the phone and calling around to see what might be happening on a Friday night, but the comfort of the couch lulls you into nodding off a bit.

You awaken to the sound of thunder, with a start. It claps high above the roof of your apartment and rolls through the sky rumbling so loud it shakes the windows. You take a deep breath and settle back onto the couch. You try to get some sleep, but the thunder and the growing wind rattling your windows makes you a little nervous. Was there supposed to be a storm this weekend you hadn't heard about? You get up and peek out the second-story window of your apartment, and see the rain coming down in sheets. The world is a gray haze, and all you can see are people running every which way to escape the rain on the street below.

Just as you settle back down on the couch and try to close your eyes, you hear screaming from the next apartment. It grows louder. A man. You can't make out the words, but they rabble off into unintelligent screams of bloody murder, then die off suddenly. You feel a bit alarmed.

Do you:

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