Extraordinary life of a not so common teenager

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Welcome to the story!

Your name is Connor KeHaleya (Key-Hall-e-ya). Your life is pretty much normal except for the fact that your an assassin. Not a completely regular assassin though, you prefer basic weapons such as your hands and swords but you are a great shot when to comes to guns. No one really knows your an assassin. You don't work for anyone and you've got everything yourself, what I mean by that is that you made all the swords you have yourself. Your dad's name is Josh and he's a mechanic, a great one indeed.

Your dad also takes classes in sho-kun, which is a fighting style much like karate. You learned a lot of your first fighting moves from him, he would come home after class and show you what he learned. Your mom's name is Shayla, step-mom actually. Your real mom died as an assassin, your dad never knew she was one and everyone thought she was kidnapped and killed. Your mom only ever told you she was an assassin and since she died you started out to be just like her, mostly for revenge of her loss. You never did get over it. But your new step-mom is actually just someone your dad is dating, more your age than his really. Considering your dad is 40 and she's only 24. Your only 14 so she only has 10 years on you, but you always liked her. Your mom is a gym teacher at your high school (Your grade 9 and she teaches grade 9) your parents actually met each other at a parent teacher meeting about your grades slipping, since then you've always seemed to be doing less work in gym and getting better grades.

That's enough about your history for now, more will be revealed and created as you continue through the story. You will see tags beside your choices like:

(C) for normal things Connor would do
(A) for things the assassin inside you would do
(S) for sexual activity which means your doing something to satisfy your sexual urges
(B) which means you could blow your cover as an assassin and get caught, but it's a choice you can take

Do you:

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