Eros Academy

From Create Your Own Story

"Legend has it, that an secret luxurious academy named Eros Academy was founded by the Greek God of Love: Eros. Eros had the idea of an academy of the sole purpose of teaching the art of love. sex and desire. Thus, he formed Eros Academy. However, the other gods were displeased by his actions and destroyed the academy. Upset with the destruction of his Academy, he created the academy once again in France. But this time, he announced that he and the Erotes (fellow gods of love and sex) would protect the Academy from being destroyed again. In the present time, Eros Academy is still standing, the academy is now a secretive prestige academy that hand picks a variety of students to join each year. Anyone that leaves Eros comes out with high grades but not many people know the true purpose of the academy. To educate humans on the art of love, sex and desire. "

It's morning and you slowly rise out of your bed. You follow your early routine of getting changed and having breakfast. As you clamber down the stairs you notice a letter on the floor. The envelope is bright pink with a red seal with the words "EROS ACADEMY". You slowly open the letter and read the contents...

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