Empire of the lost

From Create Your Own Story

Fifteen years had passed since the bombs fell across the world wiping out most of the life on the surface, leaving a pockets of survives spread across the globe. Civilization is now in shambles, all of those which hid prior to the bombs now coming out from their crypts to explore the new world which they now faced; many faced death outside the protection of their bunkers. Wild animals, now mutated from massive amounts of radiation, raiders, bandits, slavers and newly founded empires which seek to carve a piece of history that all will remember.

Siting upon a hill you look down upon the small group of people as they make their way through the rocky hillside, hidden behind a dull, brown covered cloak you blend into the background which surrounds you. For a long time you have been on your own, your town burned to ashes at the hands of raiders you were the soul survive of that day. Ever since you have wandered place to place, doing what you must to keep alive. In that time you learned how to survive in the wilds, build fires, create tools, fire weapons and hand to hand fighting. Resting at your waist is a fine steel dagger you found some months back, already more than a dozen deaths have come from the blade alone. In your hands the dull slightly rusted rifle sits with a make shift scope attached atop, for years it has been your trusty companion and while it may not be much to look at you trust it to defend your life.

Studying the group quietly you being to wander if you should ambush them. While you have more than enough supplies for the time being another set of clothes, or scarp parts never hurt. Out of the group of five you take in all who are down there, two men, a older woman, and two children, one male, one female. You take notice that while they don't seem heavily armored the two men do carry shotguns, at this distance they would be almost useless.

Do you:

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