Embarrassing Day

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Embarrassing Day

It is a hot, humid day (or night) in a sprawling modern (or fantasy) city beside a river. The story follows different girls trying on a day attempting to overcome a slow exposure of circumstances, and make it to their goal. The story involves nudity, though cuts short at outright violence. It can feature sex, if it makes sense to lead that way. There will be multiple scenarios and characters, though the theme remains the same. The path will be slow, and the rewards can be sexual, but not necessarily always that far. The idea is to have around 100 pages a character, with around 30 different endings (more for Arianna due to two main starting paths).

Modern Options -

Zelda is the lead singer of an amateur heavy metal band. She is an energetic fit lady of normal height and wild bleached hair, and paired with four others that make her band. They are performing on an old, but large venue in front of many - certainly nothing can go wrong.

Arianna is a butterfly farmer who sells her specimen to the zoo. She has heard of a rare monarch that has been spotted in the new garden that is a part of the incredibly large forested city park. She is in her late twenties, slightly tall, and toned. Alternatively, there is also the optional starting point of the other set of branches where Arianna starts off with one of five injured costumes and has to make it 20 blocks in the middle of the busy day to reach her home. This is a specific path in Arianna's story, but since it takes a bit of a shift here, the link is here to just start at this point.

Megan is a fit lady who has undergone a stressful five day business trip. Finally returning to her normal routine, she has set herself to go to the gym and work off some extra steam, and subsequently relax. Unfortunately, it may not be so simple.

Cora is a book enthusiast in her early twenties. She wears large, circular glasses and has wide hips. She spends the majority of her time in the city-block sized county library, where she hopes to visit and read the rare books. The rare books, however, are typically kept locked away from normal eyes.

Jo is a graffiti artist who has one job she has aspired to: there is a four story mansion of such size in the smaller section of the river, that if painted, would be able to be seen by all in the city. She is 19, an avid climber and runner with short hair, and typically works with a partner in crime named Wes.

Fantasy Options -

Fiora's Adventuring Group is a rather respected mercenary group of four. Fiora the half elf fighter, Alma the gnome rogue, Poppy the elven sorceress, and Rhalve the human cleric. They are in a quest to route an evil necromancer from his tower for the good of the nearby town, though may face many embarrassing issues along the way.

Lily and Maara are two witches competing for last place in their entrance exams. They fight in a specialized area watched by dozens of judges with their magic, wits, and strength, for the last place in the Magic Academy. Their bodies are protected by magic, although not anything else. While defeat by modesty is not necessarily typical for this test, it could happen. Lily is a smaller, thin lady, while Maara is much more filled out and curvy.

Scifi/Paranormal Options -

Sami is a slimeroach exterminator. By the year 2090, semisolid salt-water based hungry creatures have infested society. Impervious to any sort of poison, gas, or weapon, the only solution seems to be dehydration and fire. Unfortunately, many infested areas can not simply be burned to solve the issue. Exterminators began to sprout up, using bbguns that fire dehydration pellets that suck the roaches up, and then get swept away for cremation. Sami is fit, small, and slender, using her size to reach areas not able to be reached by others. She works with two others named Pila and Rat, in a job to clean out an incredibly large wood complex.

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