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In this story you share the role of Victoria, holy warrior destined to bring her sister Elizabeth out of the shadows and into the light. Be wary, as nothing is quite as it seems, and black and white can fluctuate and blend together in many fascinating ways. In this story, there is no good end. This is a tragedy in every way, and every path leads to further sorrow and loss. Some ends will come sooner than others, but every end is meant to be explored and experienced deeply and intimately. Should you feel uneasy during any particular experience, I urge you to embrace the feeling, let it overcome you, and see just how far you can venture forth into the dark.

This page serves as a title screen of sorts. From here you may access a new game or delve into the lore of the world and characters of E.V.E. Always check back here for updates and new options, as this story seems to have a mind of its own, and may very well continue growing far beyond its meager author. Please, my children of the night, enjoy yourselves, and never forget that death is but the purpose of life, and life is death's gift to us all.

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