The Exciting Adventure

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This story is meant to be more focused on the adventures of a girl by the name of Cassie. Cassie is an 18 year old girl who ends up in a series of sexual situations by her own will, someone else's actions, or by accident.

Each story can have different 'rules' in regards to magic, science fiction, and other supernatural factors.

Everything is allowed unless it involves gore, extreme torture, and body modification.

Cassie's Horrible Family - Chapters : 49

  - A story about Cassie's terrible step-family's and her experiences with them. Includes everything embarrassing and horrible that could happen short of gore and extreme violence.

Normal Interactive Stories

Cassie - Montezuma's Revenge (Cassie is cursed with a never-ending need to go to the bathroom, which can either take the form of not being able to stop going or continuously feeling like she needs to.)

Cassie - Alien Host (A foreign organism decides to use Cassie as a host, making use of her lower holes as a home... and maybe even more...)

Cassie - Allergy to Clothes (Cassie's skin begins to reject all forms of clothes, which reduces her to a battle between her dignity and her health.)

Cassie - Random Teleportation (Cassie finds herself randomly transported into embarrassing situations.)

Cassie - Horniness (Cassie is continuously horny, making it difficult for her not to masturbate, no matter where she is...)

Cassie - The Cost of Suggestibility (Cassie is made more suggestible by an app that her nerdy admirer loads onto her phone.)

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