Cassie's Horrible Family

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This a bit of a personal project to make an expansive story with an actual plot. Based on Arthur Saxon's Sophie's Choices.

Here is the link to the work-in-progress story line. Cassie's Horrible Family Story Line

Cassie was a senior in high school when her parents came under investigation for several violent crimes. During the trial, Cassie was told that she couldn't stay with their parents anymore. The DA arranged for her to live with a foster family during the remainder of the trial. Unfortunately, the only family available lived in a very remote portion of the state. Their house was still within a fee hours drive of a large town, but the house itself was buried deep in the hills. Cassie was told that the family was a decently sized one, a father and a mother in their late forties along with a a pair of twins - a boy and a girl aged 6, and two older children, a girl of 19 and a boy of 15. A member of the DA's office, a secretary, drove Cassie out to the outskirts of the property.

"Alright sweetie, just take these papers and show them to Mr. and Mrs. Dowd." she told Cassie before driving off and leaving the girl alone.

Cassie watched the car drive off in silence. She was forcefully taken from her life and thrust into this place. Looking over at the lonely gate, Cassie couldn't help but feel utterly alone.

Cassie enters through the gate

Cassie decides to take a walk in the forest

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