The Echidna Tale

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Deep inside your forgotten temple, you stirred in your sleep and woke from your slumber. Stretching your currently formless body and opening your eyes for the first time in two millennia, you spread your awareness to the outside world, inspecting and scrutinizing it, to see how it had changed.

You were the creature who brought the Age of Monsters on this world, spawning thousands of monsters. Ruling over countless realms with their help, being worshipped as a god. But with the monsters, came the heroes: the ordinary peasants, soldiers and nobles that rose up against your rightful dominion and ending the Age, two thousand years ago to the day, by sealing your form away. You swore vengeance upon them as you felt your link to this world disappearing; your greatest regret is having allowed to them die a natural death.

They had called you by many names: your lovely children simply called you "Mother". The ones who knew your identity had called you "Echidna". Most would simply call you by the form you had taken; the ignorant folk, not seeing or understanding the differences between a common monster and someone like you.

As you casted your awareness around you, you realized how long of a time has 2000 years been: iron had replaced bronze, a new god replaced the old ones. A group of what appeared to be heavily armoured soldiers were carrying large swords while riding almost equally as armoured horses. A group of peasants were accusing a woman of doing magic, instead of praising her and giving her gifts for her ability. People were drinking strange new drinks, eating strange new foods; a smith was forging a tool you've never seen before.

The more you saw, the more you liked. Magic was a taboo, most monsters considered myths, old lore forgotten. New myths had blossomed in their stead: reading people's fears, you found large amounts of possibilities, ideas for new children for you to spawn. You'd have no problems taking over this realm and subjugating its people.

There are no more monsters in this world. The thought of all your children dying saddened you, but the idea of starting over from a clean slate made you excited. What race should you create or recreate first?

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