From Create Your Own Story

It was in the dark hours of the night that I lay there in the warmth of my bed, dressed only in a small pair of panties and a thin, cotton shirt. A thunderous storm rages outside my house. I've seated myself in my favorite recliner and taken up a book to read while I wait out the storm.

The story I've indulged myself into is an erotic fantasy. I've only gotten a few chapters into it before realizing how turned on I've become. The panties I'm wearing have formed a small, damp spot on the front of them and my nipples have become increasingly more erect as I read.

I've known myself to be a bit of an exhibitionist in the past but the urge to strip down and expose myself has become increasingly stronger over the years. A few more minutes pass and I've become so aroused at this point that I can no longer resist the urge to strip down. I have to find a way to satisfy my hunger for lust so I decide to...

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