Expose your Heart

From Create Your Own Story

It was a really stressful day, after all the anxiety you went trough your work your father (who gave you a position on his company) decided to give you some free days that were not going to be discounted, a week in fact, thanks to all the work you have done for the family business, you decided to finish early and go home, and as soon as you entered your room you fell asleep with your clothes on.

  • >You are a 22 year old white female
  • >You have an athletic figure, with medium breasts and butt
  • >Your vacation starts Monday

After waking up and brainstorming ways to release some steam you realize how sexually frustrated you are, always focused on work, not socializing much, heck you last boyfriend was on high school and the more "risky" thing you have ever did was a sloppy hand job, yet, even after all your frustration and experience could be fixed by living one of your fantasies, doing something lewd on public places, the sheer thought of it made you horny, your heart started beating faster.

What are you going to do next?

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